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World Map

Placeholder @ myhouse 1 june 2019

14 june 2019 new map with contender ladder, wheel coloured time ladder and no wilderness scatter

Placeholder @ Peter the new abstract map

Placeholder @ myhouse 7 july 2019

Placeholder @ Peter

Placeholder @ myhouse 21 july 2019

22 july 2019

The Contender ladder made more jump-like and with some zig-zag to it, as well as making the 1st cloud bigger.

28 july 2019

Sea section dividers are changed into dual coloured sea-illustrations.

The Astral map edge are now with clockwise direction move indicator as it has become integral part of game mechanics.

The Time ladder are changed away from the rainbow look (to avoid confusion with Divine Contender Ladder) and altered into a more worldly and earthbound illustration of with and ocean.

Removed Wilderness scatter borders.

Altered Country borders to show borders between a sections own Countries and different section Countries

4 august 2019

Removed roads inside the countries as they added nothing but questions.

Added a few new Sea section dividing illustrations.

removed the dark green below bordes and wilderness as it added but distortion to the graphics.

Altered the Contender ladder so its only beginning cloud, 8 steps and the final cloud.