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Some thoughts...

The game world originally being the setting for a Rolemaster Pen & Paper campaign and later a mmorpg using Torque Game Engine/Torque Shader Engine, there where many mechanics we wanted to sew in.

It was an exiting process to try make this 'media' crossover, as some of the RPG/MMORPG mechanics thus evolved. But it also resulted in some flavours cut out and some things honed to the bone -giving slightly altered User Experiences.

As an example can be mentioned the rather complex mmorpg Teleport system, which during the port changed into something far simpler and fun to meddle with. Yet it kept the original 'feeding the gods' system and somewhat also the 'travel system'.

The gods are in the board game as present as they where in the rpg/mmorpg, and the Horde & Heroes deliver the feeling of Characters in a guild.

So I feel that the port is successful.