Suspicious and self-centred, yet vocal and animated.


They generally hate the Nomad; many also despise the Urbans, and Mariners..

This group traditionally lives in the sandy hills and plains of the northern part of the Realm. Most are herders and traders. Others live as raiding bands using the hot desert hell as secure heaven.

Skjald Valgrif


Clothing & Decoration: Wool and hide tunics with leggings. The woollens are woven in bright patterns, indicating the wearer’s family and clan.

Fears & Inabilities: Numerous superstitions, notably a fear of the gods when they are close.

Lifestyle: Herders, hunters, and gatherers who live in extended families and reside in clan-holds. Extremely theatrical. Pugnacious, they often settle disputes by raiding, fighting, or even warring.

Marriage Pattern: Monogamous, but one must marry outside the family. Political marriages very common.

Religion: Superstitious rituals. Many are vaguely based on an interpretation of the “True Gods.” The clergy are both revered and feared.



Special Skills: Everyman: Driving, Herding, Hunting, Play Instrument, Poetic Improvisation, Singing, Tale Telling; Restricted: none.

Standard Hobby Skills: Acrobatics, Acting, Ambush, Animal Handling, Body Development, Brawling, Foraging, Hiding, Leather-crafting, Metal-crafting, Observation, Play Instrument, Poetic Improvisation, Public Speaking, Region Lore, Riding, Singing, Sprinting, Stalking, Tale Telling, Tracking, Weatherwatching.



Armor: None or soft leather.

Weapons: Broadsword, dagger, javelin, short bow, spear, scimitar, whip.

Special Items: Their workmanship is rather crude, although it has aesthetic appeal to those with rustic tastes; it is usually of materials that do not long endure (bronze, copper, tin, leather, yarn, wood).


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