As any Race of origin.


Females: 150-195

Males: 155-210


Females: 72-90

Males: 70-90


Females; –

Males: –


Pale with red- or blueish tint


Mostly brown.






“Long ago it was discovered that Human had a gift; their Spirit. Although all living things has one, ours is somewhat special and sometimes its will to be present is stronger than its roots in the Astral, even able to animate its long dead Carcass.”

Skjald El Mary



As such Draugr are not a Race, but a collection of individuals from all Human Races, who all share one common thing; they drowned in The Deep Blue waters surrounding Mt. Vula and The Rim, or great Heroes long dead and buried at the Isle of Findon flushed by waters from when Ljostari sank.

That is the only connection Scholars have found between all individuals among the now rather large amount of Draugr.┬áIts said that in ancient times they where originally roaming the shores where they sank. Whenever the living had contact with them, they where beheaded and burned, but around the time when the Wanderers crossed The Rim texts describe these as peacefully living in coexistence with other races. Some Scholars thus state Draugr creation are older than The Crossing, but when Ljostari sank, a new fraction of Draugs appeared; the ‘Tomb Kings & Queens’.

Skjald Sejrik


O, Father, dead in the sea… you came to our aid… your daughters and me…

All hope was gone… Invaders swarmed as a flood…

When suddenly… fog at our feet… a howl as greet… eyes blinked…

And behold the eternal… up from earth… up from sea… a rebel yell…

Foes they screamed… fear, dread and horror… behold the drowned…

To rescue the living… what a tale…

Skjald Kazumix



Its interesting to study how individual Draugr or in some cases small bands, increasingly are mentioned after the sinking of Ljostari. And them generally appearing at shores facing Mt. Vula and The Rim puzzle us all.

Draugr know languages prior to their death and often more due long years with other Draugr -they live on eternally as they do not die again unless decapitated or burned. Its rumored that there exist Draugr thousands of years old, yet I have not met any of these ‘Ancient Draugr’ as they are extremely secretive.

Skjald El Mary



As it is their will binding them to continued existence, it’s no wonder they are immune to Mentalism

Skjald Vinotis

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