From muscular to stocky.

Height: (cm)

Females: 140-155

Males: 150-165

Weight: (kg)

Females: 70-85

Males: 75-100

Lifespan: (yr)

Females: 420-425

Males: 410-415


Pale to golden to brown.


Mostly brown, golden, yellow or white.







“Older than most, these short legged nuggets of living rock, are the core of legend.”

Skjald Ulrich



During the 1st Cataclysm a new Race emerged, the Dwarfs. These where as thoug nuggets of living rock and quickly made strong bonds with Drakk- and Ljost Alfar from which they learned Skills such as CraftingEnhancing and Alchemy.

When the 1st Cataclysm and the Old Reshape had ended they spread across the World.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


So, long before the Wanderers crossed The Rim there where eleven Dwarven Houses. It’s known both from Dwarven, Ljost Alfar and Drakk Alfar lore. That the Races interacted, Ühmrar's tribe in Mt. Ljostia Ljostari was the most open and even intermarried with Drakk Alfar. Some old lore hint at this being the origin of the Moss'ari, but it’s not so.

Skjald Sejrik


The 1st and 2nd Houses was extremely open to Other Races and ecen intermarried on a large scale. The other nine Houses as such kept from mixing their blood, except for extremely rare marriages out of their own House and then mostly into other Dwarven Houses.

Skjald Vinotis


The first House Kings

Ühmrar Zänziliibûhr, King of the 1st House, at Ljostari in Mt. Vula. When it erupted and sank, their entire House where destroyed.


Mulvû Koroztazar, King of the 2nd House, in Darin. They intermarried with Heidel and from this came Izir.


Eröme Legümāfad, King of the 3rd House, at the centre of Utari in The Spire which lies at the very crosspoint of Bilza, Hokul, Quigly and Remas.


Amovir Môllêromi, King of the 4th House, at Findon in Ugrens dominant Mt. Xiza.


Gottûr Æêcimylli, King of the 5th House, at Markeoy in the very crosspoint between Braburg, Efron, Obran and Skium. Tower Mt. Azül high above the surrounding area. And with Niapids Rivlets to the North, Kirby's Waters to the West, Tortoise Creek to the South and Wickram Marshes to the East.


Hämmû Kliptûmir, King of the the 6th House, at East Fjella at the Border between Grebi and Tornix and Usai, lies Mt. Pakit and Mt. Pokul  with the great Paok Kettle to the West and Limarrian Plateau to the East.


Jorgmûd Vultârrik, King of the 7th House, at West Fjella. At the Border between Apal and Claun, Mt. Jilte  lies with Graveyard Valley to the West.


Brimbôer Bartōmūk, King of the 8th House, in Midgard. Between Scia, Trov and Ladris, at Dwäru Plateau below Mt. Marlü.


Hrapniiri Fikirötâv, King of the 9th House, at Mealis. In Pearlin at the South side of Mt. Pearlin reaching out into the Gemstone Foothills Hrapni Bay


Dálálài Jôtûbâr, king of the 10th House, at Dalip was king of the 10th House. In Bowei lies the Diamond Paks and at their East end lies the Realm of . With a great harbour carved into the rocky shore of


Hakätamō Ikidöestâ, King of the 11th House, at Naldar. At the Border between Jabos and Seviels an area between Mt. Ainam, Azami SpireMt. Bayla and Mt. Umdur. Looming up the mountains from Umdurs Kettle


Pitorël Manzüwix, was Dwarwen House Herolds 1st Master. He founded their shared library, in Midgard at the very Border between Fogwald, Sarova and Uhmzel lies Mt. Pitor.

Skjald Valgrif


When the swarm it came… Dwarven lost their fame…

City, town, stronghold, and crevasse… empty of sound…

Mile by mile they lost their ground… ores… and joy…

Eventually cutting off… their Human girl and boy…

Skjald Kazumix


As the Wanderers swarmed the islands and began settling in their lands. Conflicts began to brew and erupt. And as generations passed Humans, due their breeding and short lifespan, outnumbered the long-lived Dwarfs. And they slowly lost their former homes, faith in the Wanderers, the half-breed children Moss'ari and Izir. A distancing that ignited another split down the indigenous older Races, Ljost Alfar and Drakk Alfar, began to shun Dwarfs. So, slowly tension built up and all 5 races became more and more secretive to the others. Eventually armed conflicts began to break out between the races, firing off a full scale war.

It ended with the Vornir announcing their work flawed and released all their creations Truenames in the Hymn of Truenames. Leaving it up to the Boriac and Gods what should happen. The Gods gladly stepped in and started to scheme and plot to position themselves. But, when Boriacs stepped out of the Astral and into the shadows of our World, attacking Vular, Dwarfs and both Alfar Races. The Gods threw themselves in at different sides, resulting in a clash of such force, that Ljostari was consumed and sank into the The Deep Blue. Replaced by a volcano -said to forever burn their Souls.

Since the end of the War of Elves and Dwarfs all the five Races have also become remote to Humans and Vular never regained their might.

Skjald El Mary


General Description: Short stocky people who tend to shun other races and its a rare occasion if a non-dwarf enters their domains.

Skjald Ulrich



They generally live in cities, towns, strongholds or laboratories carved out of solid rock. Rarely they do construct from rock elements and extremely seldom do they feel at ease in wood or similar thin or weak constructions.

Skjald El Mary



The live in small tribes or families where a single male takes the leader role and is called father. Each major tribe has one single grandfather.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



They can see in utter darkness.

Skjald Sigurd


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