This group traditionally lives in the jungle. Many have become hunters harvesting the flora and fauna, or traders dealing with outside world in exchange for the vast richness of the ‘green deep’, and are thus called ‘moss men’.



Clothing & Decoration: Crude fibre, leaf, wool, hide, fur, and silk leggings and over-coats, short cloaks, and hats. Their individual style indicates the wearer’s clan.

Fears & Inabilities: Numerous superstitions, notably a fear of spirits.

Lifestyle: Hunters and gatherers who live in extended families and reside in fortified clan-holds. Extremely oral, they are gifted poets, musicians, singers, and storytellers. Pugnacious, they often settle disputes by raiding, or warring.

Marriage Pattern: Monogamous, but one must marry outside the family. Political marriages can occur.

Religion: Superstitious rituals devoted to the “True Gods.” Oral traditions are crucial to the keeping of histories and law. Sacrifices are widespread and the clergy are both revered and feared.



Demeanour: Suspicious, yet vocal and animated. They love to talk.

Prejudices: They generally hate the Swampers; many also despise the Nomad.

Special Skills: Everyman: Horticulture, Hunting, Tale Telling; Restricted: none.

Standard Hobby Skills: Acrobatics, Acting, Ambush, Animal Handling, Body Development, Painting (body painting), Brawling, Climbing, Foraging, Hiding, Jumping, Leather-crafting, Metal-crafting, Observation, Play Instrument, Poetic Improvisation, Region Lore, Scaling, Singing, Sprinting, Stalking, Swimming, Tale Telling, Tracking, Trading, Weatherwatching.



Armor: None, cloth, or soft leather. Some elite warriors fight naked.

Weapons: Broadsword, club, dagger, handaxe, javelin, short bow, spear, sling, blowpipe.

Special Items: Their workmanship is rather crude, although it has aesthetic appeal to those with rustic tastes; it is usually of materials that do not long endure (bronze, copper, tin, leather, yarn, wood).


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