“Kista is a hamlet claimed to go all the way back to when a special tribe of Moss'ari lived there. The vey tribe that Insilnuella Eranvurtal helped the Vornir create.”

Skjald Ulrich



We have no records of when it was created nor abandoned, but in S.A. 1167 Deepminded came and began restoring it.

Skjald Ulrich



Kista… a handfull huts…

The wisdom sure makes one nuts….

Skjald Kazumix


Kista currently consist of a dozen huts, houses, and barns. There’s also the library The Well of Wisdom and The Deep Inn. All managed by Deepminded who always has a handful guests visiting. These guests ain’t the average commoner, no its the greatest Heroes, Nobility, Crafters, etc. And, mind that, not only Human. One building is a crypt leading down to the Well of Divine Tears.



In Kista, at one wall of The Deep Inn theres 8 Coloured doors which are teleports to the Astral.

Skjald Ulrich