Mostly they origin from hamlets, towns and cities, but live and breathe for a life at sea or on the rivers. The Mariners trace their way of life back to the lifestyle of the Vular empire. Their emphasis on travel and trade at sea since the dawn of time influence their attitude toward other cultures.


Clothing & Decoration: Mariners favour purple, red, and gold clothing made from silk or fine cotton. They wear tunics and leggings. Men wear gold collars, while women wear jewellery.

Fears & Inabilities: Disease and illness, and their own natural mortality.

Lifestyle: Reflects the conservative elements among the aristocracy, only to an extreme.

Marriage Pattern: Monogamous.

Religion: Mariner religion is preoccupied with Death and Darkness, and largely revolves around hero worship. The great Ancient Kings are revered as godlike. The dead are buried at sea with elaborate fanfare.



Demeanour: Aggressive, haughty, determined, embittered, Mariners have the attitude of nobility.

Prejudices: Their hate Nobility, Artic, and Coastal, and generally dislike Urbans.

Special Skills: Everyman: Rope Mastery, Rowing, Sailing, Star Gazing; Restricted: none.

Standard Hobby Skills: Acrobatics, Acting, Appraisal, Boat Piloting, Body Development, Climbing, Dance, Embroidery, First Aid, Jumping, Leadership, Navigation, Observation, Rappelling, Rope Mastery, Signalling, Star-gazing, Swimming, Trading, Weather-watching, Wood-crafting.



Armor: Any. Mariners who are wealthy adorn their armour with gold chasing or engraving.

Weapons: Dagger, scimitar, broadsword, short sword, mace, morning star, whip, long bow, short bow, spear, armoured fist, bastard sword, cat of nine tails, cutlass, falchion, net, sabre.

Special Items: Mariners favour weapons and tools ornamented with gold.


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