Methil Manour


BORN: 6/8 1226 SA in Bebram

RACE: Jomzaar/Tatongōl

REALM: Channelling

AURA: Orange

HEIGHT: 199 cm




2nd High King of The Realm


“Never has there been a merrier, honest and outright dishohoured King than Metil Manour, also known as the ‘Paladin’.”

Skjald Sejrik



Metil  was born in 1226 by a Nobility couple close to the High King, yet as they held etics high their son never enrered Grimsborg. This was they also made sure no rivalling plotter could set up traps for their son or use him to scheme their hard gained seats at court.

Parents busy with state affairs he was left with household staff and a mixed handful of lesser and lower Nobility sons and daughters. Which allowed him plenty time for studying lore, arts and playing music. Quite a singer and poet as well, the charming youngster also had a talent for acrobatics and was exceptionally well built. The sheltered life was what vecane his cane though, as he had no real feel for court plotting and peoples urge to gain power -at any cost.

Skjald Sigurd


As time passed his friends got positions and responsibilities yet he kept being the unbound one. As he acted cleverly, he even avoided the fruit of love and stayed unmarried. The lack of ties despite quite a large circle of Nobility and Court Officials was though, what became his ticket to the highest of thrones and a crown thought unreachable. But that did not happen until 1264.

When he became 30 he began travelling The Realm visiting exiting places and soaked in what info could be gained. Thus he also began to meet and befriend those we call Heroes. I think it was these friendships who finalized the future vote. Anyways, Solvarr Svartholtr met the young massive muscle mountain at The Beastmaster Fair in 1262 and as he had heard about the young fountain of joy and a good wrestle. The High King asked for a friendly test of skills, to which Metil recluctlanly bent, he had no intention to break the ‘old tree’. A comment that arised a roar of laughter and storm of swift bets, meanwhine they both donned weapons. The lad displayed quite a skill but it ended with a High Kings victory.

But from that day,  Metil became part of the High Kings personal guard. Thus he entered the centre of Grimsborgs court by his own merit -its said his parents showed great joy hearing this, but surpressed anxious fear.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Only 2 years later Solvarr ‘Black Oak’ Svartholtr resigned as High King, and much to everyones surprise an overwhelming majority elected Metil as 2nd High King. Black Oak opened a series of inns throughout The Realm, called The Black Oak Inn. Many of the old Heroes left Grimsborg court to pursue personal goals or old dreans. Some to to Halkistal others to their former Hordes. Thus Metil had a growing problem, alone at the throne and no deep ties to lean on -a disaster brewing.

Skjald Ulrich


At the Fair of The Realm in 1270 the High Kings reelection showed a large crack in The Realm as more than a quarter of the assembled voted for another Noblesman from Noriag. Metin spent the next three years trying to solve the stirring conflict between the fractions, without success. Somehow a group who called themselves The Torch had eye for the crown and treasure chamber of The Realm. Certain they could gain unimaginable wealth they spent a fortune bribing, promishing trade consessions, blackmail, outright murder and discussions with agents of a foreign  army from Outlands that could aid in case the Grimsborg Guard or the major Hordes should be a problem.

In 1974 Kjertil 'Nail' Ninch was elected 3rd High King of The Realm by 1 vote more than Metil. As the various guests was keaving the event on that same evening, the new High King entered the chambers of Metil… and told him to leave Grimsborg along with his personal staff, friends -and parents! An order that almost resulted in Metil cracking that fresh elected squeaking parrots skull open, but he left Grimsborg as ordered.

Skjald Valgrif


Its said he was seen at The Deep inn in 1277, just a day late to catch some good old friends. But he stayed a few days as the Skjald El Mary and the seemingly discussed what Metil knew about The Torch till late hours, with Deepminded or at his room.

Skjald Vinotis



Since his departure as High King he travelled unbound, but when The Great Invasion hit he came forth and crached foe heads. Now, if still alive hes roaming the dusty roads of The Realm.

Skjald Ulrich

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