• High king / High queen
  • King / Queen
  • Crown prince / Crown princess
  • Archduke / Archduchess
  • Grand prince / Grand princess
  • Grand duke / Grand duchess
  • Prince / Princess
  • Duke / Duchess
  • Fürst / Fürstin
  • Marquis / Marchioness
  • Count / Countess
  • Viscount / Viscountess
  • Baron / Baroness
  • Knight / Lady
  • Esquire


“Since Dawn of time Races have chosen individuals to lead, or have been forced so by the strong.”

Skjald Sigurd



The first claims or bestowing of titles are lost memories in long dead leaders and subjects. They have been worn or cursed since early F.A. due to testimonials from very old individuals of the  Other races. They also span a far more varied range of titles than those we use these days in regard with the reestablished Realm of the High King. But as even the N'Aldaan Emperor Bend The Knee to the High King we use that title as the highest and normally omit Emperor, Jarl and other ‘lesser’ titles.

Skjald Vinotis


Nobility have long dwelt in great castles and large cities. They are a closed society of administrators who live in the midst of or adjacent to the various courts and guilds of the Realm.

Skjald El Mary




Clothing & Decoration: They wear fine woollen tunics and short pants with leggings. Most also don silk and other fine materials.

Fears & Inabilities: Nothing special.

Lifestyle: They have a formal political structure. Living off the fiefs of the lowborn, they reside in their palaces, castles and fortresses secluded from the lowborn. They interact with few other than Urbans.

Marriage Pattern: Monogamous.

Religion: Mostly personal kept within the family or band.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



As such the highest rank to date is High King

Skjald El Mary


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