The many nomadic peoples who live in the plains and steppes. These tribes and confederations are always in search of territory and have been known to invade their neighbour lands. Although related, each group has its own subculture and dialect.



Clothing & Decoration: Colourful linen cloaks, woollen tunics, leather pants, and lower leg protectors. They also wear fur hats with ear flaps, or fur-covered pot helms. Some groups paint their upper bodies and faces.

Fears & Inabilities: Darkness and thunderstorms.

Lifestyle: They are nomads who live in mobile camps and move their camps using great wagons. Warriors all, they also herd horses and cattle.

Marriage Pattern: Men take more than one wife, but it is rare since they must pay a bride-price.

Religion: Superstitious rituals concerning nature spirits and heroic ancestral deities.



Demeanour: Cold, determined, brave to the point of foolhardiness. They relish death or are at least unconcerned with death in battle.

Prejudices: Nomads have little regard for anyone except their own people. They hate Urban and Grasslanders, and dislike Desert, and Subterreanen.

Special Skills: Everyman: Mounted Combat skill and all skills involving horses; Restricted: none.

Standard Hobby Skills: Acrobatics, Ambush, Animal Handling, Body Development, Painting (body painting), Bone-carving, Contortions, Fauna Lore, Fletching, Foraging, Hiding, Leather-crafting, Military Organization, Signaling, Stalking, Star-gazing, Tracking, Weather-watching.



Armor: None but shield and helm.

Weapons: Bola, dagger, javelin, scimitar, short bow, short sword, sling, long sword.

Special Items: Nomad crafts involve shapely creations from bone, leather, iron and bronze.


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