Snowy Star

  • Finder: Brarvol Ritsk
  • Climate: Alpine
  • Locale: Mountain
  • Type: Perennial
  • Sort: Subshrub
  • Available: Summer 80%
  • Cost: 1 gp/ 3 gp
  • Uses: 4


“Frozen to the bones, chilling veins and burning head -all is cured with Brarvol's Herb.”

Skjald El Mary



Brarvol Ritsk was a renowned Healer and Botanist who dedicated his life to understanding the medicinal properties of plants. He was known for his exceptional knowledge of herbs and his unwavering commitment to finding remedies for various ailments. Brarvol was also an adventurer at heart, and his journeys took him to the most remote and unexplored regions in search of rare and powerful healing plants. His legendary discoveries and contributions to herbal medicine earned him a place of honor among healers and scholars.

Brarvol relentless pursuit of knowledge led him to a treacherous and isolated mountain range shrouded in eternal snow. While traversing the icy peaks, he stumbled upon a hidden valley filled with a mesmerizing sight—a cluster of ethereal flowers that radiated a soft, pale blue light even amidst the snow. Brarvol carefully collected samples of the extraordinary plant he named ‘Snowy Star’ for its radiant beauty and its ability to thrive in the harshest conditions.

Skjald Vinotis



Leaves: Small and lanceolate-shaped, silver-white in colour, adorned with fine hair on the edges, arranged alternately on the stem without stalks.

Stem: Woody, growing up to two feet tall, slender, and covered in frost-like patterns, granting the herb resilience against freezing temperatures.

Flowers: Star-shaped, glowing with a celestial blue hue, each petal adorned with a delicate silver filigree, blooming in clusters at the tip of the stems.

Root: Extensive and deep-reaching, anchoring the Snowy Star securely in the snow-covered soil.

Bark: N/A, as the Snowy Star possesses a delicate stem without prominent bark.

Fruits: Small, crystal-like capsules that contain tiny seeds, dispersing in the wind to propagate the herb.

Skjald Ulrich



Snowy Star thrives in the high-altitude, alpine climates of icy mountain ranges where it endures freezing temperatures and snow-covered landscapes.

Skjald Vinotis



Preparation: Collect the radiant Snowy Star flowers from the mountain valley and gently dry them in a cool and dark place. .  Crush the dried flowers into a fine powder.

Product: Snowy Star tisanes, salves, and poultices.

Tisanes: Snowy Star tisanes are created by carefully drying the glowing flowers, producing a calming and mystical tea with soothing properties.

Salves and Ointments: A combination of crushed Snowy Star flowers blended with nourishing oils, used to treat skin irritations and promote healing.

Poultices: Prepared by mashing the flowers into a fine paste and mixing them with other medicinal herbs, applied externally to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Storage: To preserve the enchanting properties of Snowy Star products, they must be stored in cool and dry containers away from direct sunlight. Essential oils should be kept in dark, airtight bottles to retain their mystical glow and healing properties.

Use: Brew the powdered Snowy Star flowers in hot water for tisanes, mix them with oils or balms for salves, and create poultices by blending them with other beneficial herbs.

Tisanes: Snowy Star tisanes have calming effects and are commonly used to reduce anxiety and stress, offering moments of tranquility.
Salves and Ointments: Applied to cuts, minor burns, and skin rashes, Snowy Star salves and ointments promote rapid healing and leave the skin rejuvenated.
Poultices: Snowy Star poultices are used for treating sore muscles, easing discomfort, and soothing inflammation.

Effect: When ingested or applied topically, Snowy Star products have a potent effect on fever reduction, providing relief and hastening recovery.  within 1d4-1 turns.

Skjald Valgrif



Despite the fact that Snowy Star is generally safe for the majority of people, frequent and excessive use could result in drowsiness or lightheadedness due to its calming effects. Long-term use also causes the user to glow magically blue.

Skjald Ulrich



Snowy Star’s unique ability to glow with a celestial blue light has sparked legends of its connection to the stars and the heavens. Some believe that this ethereal glow holds mystical healing energies, lending credence to the herb’s association with magic and the supernatural. Snowy Star is revered as a symbol of hope and resilience, embodying the essence of nature’s strength in the face of adversity.

Skjald Sejrik

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