This group traditionally lives in the swamps and bogs in lowland, hill and highland alike. Most are various working types; hunters, farmers, smiths, and craftsmen. A few are mages or scholars.



Clothing & Decoration: Wool and hide tunics with leggings and rough over-coats, short cloaks, and hats.

Fears & Inabilities: Notably a fear of darkness centring around spirits.

Lifestyle: They live in extended families and reside in villages and fortified clan-holds. They are gifted poets, singers, and storytellers.

Marriage Pattern: Monogamous. Political marriages common.

Religion: Rituals devoted to a complex grouping of deities. Many are vaguely based on peculiar interpretations of the “True Gods.” Sacrifices are seen and the clergy are both revered and feared.



Demeanour: Open and welcoming, very vocal and animated. They love to talk, laugh, and sing.

Prejudices: They dislike Junglers; many also despise Nomads. Some aren’t happy with Urbans.

Special Skills: Everyman: Tracking; Restricted: none.

Standard Hobby Skills: Mapping, Acrobatics, Diving, Grappling hook, Jumping, Rappelling, Swimming, Boat Pilot, Rope Mastery, Stilt Walking, Tightrope Walk, Weather-Watching



Armor: None or soft leather.

Weapons: Broadsword, club, dagger, handaxe, javelin, short bow, spear, cudgel.

Special Items: All available. Their workmanship is rather elaborate, with an aesthetic appeal to those with rustic tastes; it is usually of materials that do not long endure (bronze, copper, tin, leather, yarn, wood).


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