Slim, muscular, or bulky

Height: (cm)

Females: 1000-2500

Males: 1000-3000


Females: –

Males: –


Females; –

Males: –









“Even though they are a Divine Race, it seems their connection with the physical plane of our World has bestowed upon them a lifespan unlike the other divine ones. Maybe it’s this that also makes them seemingly impetuous and rash.”

Skjald Valgrif



When they sprang into existence is unclear; maybe they lingered in the void or roamed the Astral prior to the Vornir beginning to shape things. What is certain, though, is that they are like the core essence of everything existent—the primal forces of nature that remain raw and, in some ways, forever untamed.

They are from the earliest time of our World. and maybe the Astral too. I once spent a month with one, who told Ulrich and me about its earliest memories and the time before all the Mortal Races.

That most races view the Thursar as “hostile” comes as no surprise, considering how tiny and insignificant they are in comparison to being powerless and envious. Just as the Gods treat the Astral and our world as see fit, often in contempt of the Thursar, Thus do the majority of Humans who copy their god’s actions, intrude, harass, and destroy the peace and order among Thursars by any means possible. Thus, Thursar generally shuns humans and most other Races.

Skjald Vinotis


There are many types and shapes, but what all of them have in common is that they are tied deeply to Essence. They can be tiny or “stand tall as trees or hills,” are usually even-natured unless provoked, and keep to themselves and their kind most of the time. Some have been described as especially handsome and proportionate by both our standards and their elemental bearing. Getting to know them, one realises they do not fit the prejudice of being monstrous, barbarian dim-witted creatures.

Skjald El Mary



They are the cleaning agents of nature and sometimes deadly. In a way, it is hostile, yet nature does everything for a reason. And if the preservation of areas or balance needs it, so be it.
They live alone, do not marry, or keep families, and it is said that when they cease to have a spark of their energy left, they merely find a new ‘host’ to animate. If so, they are indeed Spirit over physical Carcass, regardless of their elementary appearance.

Skjald Sejrik



Each is an Essence Mana Manipulator. and immune to their own Magic Realm.

Skjald Ulrich


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