Triad Trader

Greater Isles


“To this day all 3 regret having served the Kinoblin with provisions for what would be large hidden pockets of various Invader, and Longhorn still think this connection was why that astraveling Mammutan tried to kill him.”

Skjald Sigurd




In 1190 Nefius heard about a business dealer beside Lionel selling Kinoblin wares in large quantities. So he traveled there and they began selling together, one had the goods the other the ships. Then they heard about a grand business contract the Kinoblin wanted to do, so he contacted Longhorn as he knew him able to help solve the lucrative offer. As Longhorn aided him when he prepared to take south Efron.

Skjald Ulrich



Longhorn accepted the offer made by Nefius and Crimsonhand despite the risk of outlawing -the money was simply too big. Thus was the Triad Traders born, with Nefius the defacto leader, providing the ships, crews and safe heaven in his kingdom. Longhorn the up front persona managing daily operations and Crimsonhand handling customer relations -what a trio!

Skjald Sejrik



All 3 was pardoned by the High King Black Oak prior the Cleansing Crusade.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard

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