A generalization of those born and raised in towns and cities throughout the Realm. Living somewhat secluded from nature, yet they interact heavily with all the other cultures and have by far the largest influx from all other.



Clothing & Decoration: Various types of elaborate or practical wool and linen garb, including cloaks, boots, etc. Tunics are worn in warmer areas; shirts and pants or leggings are worn in cooler locales.

Fears & Inabilities: Nothing special, aside from local superstitions.

Lifestyle: Urban folk are a varied, rather cosmopolitan lot. Many are from mercantile or guild backgrounds and some have dealt with enchantments.

Marriage Pattern: Monogamous.

Religion: Variations of subdued rituals with some organized cults and shrines. Most have reverence for local or community spirits, although principal worship focuses on the “True Gods.”



Demeanour: Practical, aggressive, hard-working, and inquisitive.

Prejudices: Urban men are worldly enough to deal with most outsiders, but are uncomfortable with the Nomad, Mariners, and Nobility.

Special Skills: Everyman: none; Restricted: none.

Standard Hobby Skills: Acrobatics, Acting, Animal Handling, Appraisal, any Armor skills, Body Development, Bribery, Contortions, Cooking, Dancing, Diplomacy, Embroidery, First Aid, Fletching, Gambling, Interrogation, Juggling, Languages, Leather-crafting, Metal-crafting, Observation, Painting, Picking Locks, Play Instrument, Public Speaking, Region Lore, Riding, Sculpting, Seduction, Sewing, Singing, Stalking, Stone-crafting, Trading, Trickery, any Weapon skills, Wood-crafting.



Armor: Any. Inhabitants of the larger cities have more reliable access to chain and plate mail than do those in towns or small cities.

Weapons: Battle-axe, broadsword, composite bow, dagger, halberd, javelin, long bow, mace, morning star, quarterstaff, short sword, spear, two-handed sword, bastard sword, main gauche, rapier.

Special Items:

Items made by Urbans display high quality craftsmanship and include durable materials often unavailable in more rural societies (steel being a prime example). Enchanted metals are not normally available, however.


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