Those of the forest are mainly hunters and druids. Common to most are that they have been of the woods for several generations and that they live in small close communities. It’s a rare child of the forest who takes the road or goes to live in the urban areas. Many are close to natures spirits.



Clothing & Decoration: They wear woollen, leather and fur pants, coats, cloaks, and hats. Often adorned with patterns of, or attached leafs, branches, moss, flowers, etc. Both genders favour long hair and braids, men often wear long beards.

Fears & Inabilities: Nothing special.

Lifestyle: They are an independent lot who have no formal political structure. Living off the gifts of the forest, they reside in small, close groups secluded from other men. They interact with few other. Their tracking, climbing, hiding, hunting, and foraging techniques are superb.

Marriage Pattern: Monogamous.

Religion: Mostly personal and within the band. Female shamans act as seers, healers, and spiritual leaders.



Demeanour: Quiet, independent, reclusive.

Prejudices: They dislike the Highlanders.

Special Skills: Everyman: Climbing, Foraging, Hiding, Hunting, Tracking; Restricted: none.

Standard Hobby Skills: Acrobatics, Ambush, Body Development, Climbing, Fauna Lore, First Aid, Fletching, Flora Lore, Foraging, Hiding, Leather-crafting, Rope Mastery, Stalking, Tracking, Wood-crafting.



Armor: None or soft leather.

Weapons: Dagger, handaxe, long bow, sling, quarterstaff, short sword, woodmans axe.

Special Items: Woodmen create items of wood, bark, fur, leather, and feathers.


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