Luck with a weapon… or skilled mouth full… one has unfathomable done…

No God admits… a Holmgang lost… to The Pilgrims smile…”.

Skjald Kazumix


When you smack someone around, their teeth, pocket, and backpack stuff, as well as their coffers, spill all kinds of goods, coins, gems, etc. Through time, far earlier than The Crossing people began to call this Loot.

Even though loot can be everything, the most wanted are the Magic Shards released when a lesser being is terminated or something Bend the Knee. The tougher the opponent, the more valuable the loot, as Purity increases with its overall Skills amount. Thus, beings of various classification levels drop magic shards with the following purity:

Rag Tags (0) (Easy Solo))
Purity between 1 and 49.

Apprentice (I) (Normal Solo)

Purity between 50 up to 174.

Novice (II) (Hard Solo)

Purith from 175 up to 299.

Journeyman (III) (Normal Group)

Purity from 300 up to 424.

Chief (IV) (Hard Group)

Purity from 425 up to 549.

Master (V) (Divine Group)

Purity from 550 up to 674.

Lord (VI) (Normal Raid)

Purity from 675 up to 799.

Overlord (VII) (Hard Raid)

Purity from 800 up to 924.

Grand lord (VIII) (Divine Raid)

Purity from 925 up to 1000.


Aside from the much-coveted magic shards, loot can be anything, such as a sack of money, a bottle of rare wine, etc. Whatever one can think of, the list is longer, and at times, great deeds have resulted in sour faces, while at other times they have danced in joy with little effort. Such is the nature of shaking pockets and turning coats! But it’s a sore winner that walks away with quality shards and moans for no coins or trinkets.

Skjald Sigurd

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