-Isles of Midgard is a fantasy world of magic, gods, empires, monsters, legendary heroes, and much more. ‘The Great Invasion’ by foreign and strange races from ‘Outlands’ and below ‘The Rim’ and the aftermath with the ‘Cleansing Crusade’, ended the worlds 1283 year long ‘Second Age’. The setting is now known as the worlds ‘Third Age’, in the spring of the first year of a new age, hopefully restoring what was known as ‘The Realm’.

It’s currently presented as a 750+ pages wiki, but not in the classic wiki style of raw facts, as the wiki pages are filled by oral legend and gossip by the mighty Skjalds. Thus, what’s being said at one page, at other pages can be presented from another angle or contain new information about the topic -omitted or currently unknown to other Skjalds.

All the entry’s are delivered in each Skjalds own unique style, hoping it will add to a joyful read and an urge to learn more about my fantasy project; Isles of Midgard!


/Christian B. L. Skarut