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This encyclopedia for the viking themed Isles of Midgard world, focuses on the time right after the Great King Sölvarr 'The Black Oak' Svartholt retired. His retirement combined with the dissapearence of Atti 'The Goat Lord' Asradr and the retraction from worldly matters by the entire Beastlord tribe. Signalled a weakening of the alliance between the Counsil of the Colors, The Runic Gnavers and the Beasts Lords.

This fired the boldness of distant enemies. Who conspired with lesser nobles and petty traitors and launched a great invasion, which tore the High King's realm apart. The realm is now littered with hordes and noble houses divided in loyalty and beliefs, many fighting for nothing but survival. The oathkeepers who rallied to the banners of old, prevaled at the brink of defeat at the plains of Merran, when the Beastlords and the Draugr Riders entering the fray at the enemys flanks. Now the victorious have begun a hunt for those lords and houses who turned renegade.

In this inferno the Gods walk amongst men again. Why they have chosen to show themself no one knows, but scholars guess it's to collect energy to enforce their own positions amongst their own ranks. The Gods even begun teaching the lesser races how to visit Earthnodes and how to activate and use the ancient Wyrd portals for swift travel on the astral plane. This knowledge is a price much coveted and some are said to have gained legendary benefits being apprentices to the Gods -and thus offer them utter devotion.

You will be able to dive into every corner of the world, and read about legendary heroes & heroines; like the former High King Sölvarr Svartholtr, Den Godan of the Draugr Riders, Larina in Djupudga, The Eternal Pilgrim and many more.

- Explore the site, dive in and get acquainted with the world, races and cultures.

- Study Magic, Teleporting and Crafting to get a feeling of the worlds complexity.

- And hopefully you will be thrilled to know that we plan to make this into an MMORPG ...
-Rikhardr Skjaldbjorn , Tales of a thousand paths
Following the trails of the deer from what appeared to be a sacred opening, I could feel the ground going upwards through the hilly woodland. At a certain point I could hear the noise of a waterfall, and a while later I stood there looking at a strongly fortified town, with a mixture of huts of old and modern buildings. Memory of old tales came to me, and I realized I must have passed Gonk's Field and now beheld Grimsborg...
-birthplace of High King Solvarr Svartholtr!