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1198 Vinotis joins

1228 Sho Sahanna dies

1228 El Mary joins

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1272 Huginn retires

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1276 Citrine leaves


“Some Librarians and Sages claim Skjalds are not the oldest of Organisations, but who cares about the age of one’s organisation? What matters is its importance for the World, and in that, I think the Skjalds are one of, if not the foremost, of value.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



The Skjalds’ origins are unknown, but we know there was oral tradition long before we began writing entries in our Library of Wisdom. Kanziganthir, who I have wanted to contact and discuss this with since before The Great Invasion, is one of the Humans who might be able to shed some light on this.

The initiative to record acquired information and impart it on to other Skjalds encountered on dusty roads, bars, or courts. Begun as early as the late First Age or extremely early in the Second Age. Scribe Specialists are somewhat unsure about writing styles, pronunciation, places, and events stated, causing some hesitation in their creation. However, this custom allowed for significantly more individual travel and broader information gathering, as well as fewer shared days at the same trail or destination.

Sho Sahanna and Huginn were two of the Skjalds to whom we owe our current position as the greatest Chroniclers among Humans. As they became friends with Black Oak and the formidable group that surrounded him, Sponsors who ensured that we not only had our own local dwellings on each Isle, but also the Library of Wisdom.

Skjald Sejrik


Fortunately, only Skjalds, a few Heroes, and a few key persons were aware of the location of our precious library. As a result, it withstood The Great Invasion.

Skjald Valgrif



The Skjalds of the Coloured Circle are divided into two branches: the wandering Skjalds, commanded by the Eight Greater Ones, and the administration, which looks after our now-hidden library.

Gathering: Those who like or have an aptitude for wandering about, recalling stories spoken, or listening as they stroll by others chatting.

Confirmation: Those who enjoy sitting in our library poring over hundreds of annals or flying out to sites and individuals to confirm entries.

Telling: Those who take tremendous satisfaction in reciting our stories for large groups, or those with excellent insight into state affairs and who are good at remaining impartial when repeating ancient facts.


The Grand Meeting is conducted once a year, and it is not uncommon for all eight Greater Ones to attend, which is quite a spectacle.

  • Ulrich, providing insightful thoughts and direction in the discussions while aiming for greater understanding.
  • Yell’a’Beard: bringing wit and lightheartedness into the conversations, promoting a pleasant atmosphere with his jester’s humour.
  • Valgrif brings his unshakable commitment to the arguments, standing firm on his beliefs.
  • Kazumix: providing alternate perspectives and encouraging daring approaches to the issues.
  • El Mary contributes creative ideas and strives for constructive change, frequently considering the broader picture.
  • Sejrik questions conventional wisdom and offers alternate viewpoints that disrupt the standard.
  • Vinotis: bringing new ideas and perspectives to discussions, looking for answers that create change.
  • Sigurd: bringing new thoughts and novel solutions to the conversations, promoting an innovative attitude.

Each shapes their interactions and contributions, resulting in an energetic environment that is both broad and interesting in both communal and intellectual situations.

Skjald Sigurd



They never distort or bend what they see or hear, and they always discuss what they learn before adding it to the immense amount of information already stored. inside their library

Skjald El Mary

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