“Isles of Midgard is a wonderous World which can be traversed physically or by Astravel. With Magic seemingly feed from the Astral, Gods, Races, Hordes, Heroes and much more.”

Skjald Ulrich



“Theres so much to tell that even a Skjald finds it hard where to begin. But lets share a campfire, mug or leg ‘o’ meat. And let me begin by mentioning some of the things we know, and you can at any time ask ahead of my tales…”

Skjald Vinotis



The Wiki is broadening on a weekly basis…

But we have tried to list the major doors…

At the knowledge scroll at the page…

Skjald Kazumix



If not found at a glance you can use the Wiki search field, or try visit any of the ‘inns’ at the forum where you can also ask ahead…

Skjald El Mary

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