1987: My journey into world-building began as I felt confined by the established settings of Middle Earth while serving as a Game Master for my Pen & Paper group. This inspiration arose shortly after purchasing Middle Earth Role Playing in the summer of 1984.

1990: Unfortunately, the group disbanded, and I had to set aside the project to prioritize family and work obligations.

2001: The project resurfaced from its dormant state, and I eagerly reshaped a decade’s worth of notes into a revitalized setting.

2004: Fueled by the desire to bring together remote groups to experience the world of ‘Isles of Midgard,’ I embarked on transforming it into an independent ‘MORPG’ (Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).

2008: Unexpectedly, disaster struck when the Alpha server crashed, rendering the hard disks irreparable. This unfortunate event halted the MORPG’s development. However, the silver lining was that the extensive work on the setting and characters, spanning over 1200 pages, continued to flourish, serving as the foundation for a renewed tabletop RPG.

2016: A long-lost friend from my Pen & Paper days inquired about the board game concept we had discussed years ago. Inspired by this conversation, I decided to rekindle the work on that version, as both the RPG and MORPG development processes demanded too much time and energy. The development process for the board game commenced that autumn and was shared with enthusiasts through updates on Facebook and Instagram.

2017: In January, a prototype of the board game was completed, marking the beginning of the testing phase.

2018: With the core mechanics of the board game in place, efforts shifted towards shaping the game pieces and refining the artwork. Additionally, the website underwent a revamp, and a Wiki was initiated to delve deeper into the world and consolidate all the accumulated notes.

2020: Throughout the years, there has also been a desire to transform the project into a miniature tabletop game. As a result, miniatures, rules and army lists are developed.


All content is copyright Oak Entertainment or has been commissioned by Christian B. L. Skarut, Peter Folke Pedersen (PFP), Adam Hunter Peck (AHP), and, Cory Turner (CT). I also utilize Midjourney AI (MAI) to create watercolour-themed environments, and ChatGPT (CG) / QuillBot (QB) to assist in parsing my texts.


A heartfelt appreciation goes out to the individuals from the 1st P&P, Borgo, Minatyr, Rune, 1st Sunday LARP, Minions of Mirth, Ikariam, Age of Conan, Facebook, and others who have contributed to the universe in any capacity.


I have opted to prioritize communication rather than spending excessive time perfecting the intricacies of the English language before releasing Isles of Midgard (IoM) because I am motivated by the need to communicate my fantasy project. while a modest Dane, I humbly ask for your understanding while I use QuillBot and ChatGPT to help me communicate IoM. Tools used to improve your IoM experience. I hope that, despite any language barriers, you will be able to completely immerse yourself in the world of IoM.