1987: Christian started to work on the world for his Pen & Paper group.

1990: The group stopped playing and Christian halted as ‘Pen Primus’ and put the world aside.

2001: The project was dusted off, reshaped toward Norse culture and more content was added.

2004: Christian and Peter decided to make a ‘MMORPG’ out of ‘Isles of Midgard’.

2008: Our Alpha server died, hard disks ruined beyond recovery, work on the MMORPG work halted.

2016: An old P&P friend asked Christian about the game and he decided to create a board game version. the development process can be followed at Facebook & Instagram.

2017: In January a prototype of the board game was ready and has since been tested and improved.

2018: Seemingly at roads end with the core of the board game we will now test, test, and test…

2018: Site revamped and a Wiki begun which will elaborate on the world.

2019: Building content for the world wiki and honing the board game.

2020: Race and empire content are forming for miniature table top army lists.

All art is copyright Oak Entertainment or commissioned by Christian B. L. Skarut, Peter Folke Pedersen, Adam Hunter Peck, and Cory Turner.

NOTE: A hearty thanks goes to the people from the 1st P&P, Borgo, Minatyr, Rune, 1st Sunday LARP, Minions of Mirth, Ikariam, Age of Conan and Facebook who have contributed to the universe.