1987: I started to work on the world for my Pen & Paper group, as I felt constrained by the settings of Middle Earth. In which I had played as GM since I bought Middle Earth Role Playing in the summer of 1984.

1990: The group stopped playing and I halted the work to attend family and work.

2001: The project was dusted off, and a decade of notes was reshaped into a refreshed setting.

2004: I began making it into an indie ‘MORPG’ as I thought it would be easier to gather remote groups playing ‘Isles of Midgard’.

2008: The Alpha server died. Hard disks ruined beyond recovery, work on the MORPG halted. But the 1200 pages of setting and characters, kept growing as a base for renewed RPG. 

2016: An old P&P friend asked me about the board game idea from back then. And I decided to renew work on that version, as both RPG and MORPG development was too time consuming. The development process began that autumn and could be followed at Facebook & Instagram



2017: In January a prototype of the board game was ready and testing began.

2018: Seemingly at roads end with the core mechanics of the board, shaping pieces and refining art began. The website was also revamped and a Wiki started which will elaborate on the world and tie up all notes.

2020: During all the years its also been a wish to create it as a miniature table top game, so army lists and an army builder application is being worked on.



All content is copyright Oak Entertainment or commissioned by Christian B. L. Skarut, Peter Folke Pedersen (PFP), Adam Hunter Peck (AHP), Cory Turner (CT). I also use Midjourney AI (MA) for aquarelle environment themes, and ChatGPT (CG) to parse my texts.



A hearty thanks goes to people from the 1st P&P, Borgo, Minatyr, Rune, 1st Sunday LARP, Minions of Mirth, Ikariam, Age of Conan, Facebook and others who have contributed to the universe in any way.



As I feel an urge to communicate [make common] my fantasy project, rather than spend time learning proper English prior presenting IoM. I, a humble Dane hope you’ll bear with me and enjoy IoM for what is.