It’s been the plan to create our own miniatures for both the Board- Tabletop- and RPG game. We have begun this process by sculpting in zBrush modelling software and creating concept masters on our Anycubic Photon S 3D printers. The master for the actual moulds will be printed on a far more exquisite capable printer.

At first, we went for 28mm true scale miniatures, heads 1/7 of body height. But these proportions do not aid the average modern hobbyists painting proper and makes the models look fragile, and details like face and fingers are hard to distinguish.

The miniature hobby trend of 32mm ‘Heroic Scale’, often with awkward proportioned gear are not what we care designing. Instead, we wants to sculpt models that merges ‘market height’, ”realistic proportions’ and ‘paint aiding’. So, we are using a semi scale, where miniature height adheres to the models wiki height 1/64, with slightly enhanced broadness and width.

Heroes who have miniatures have a (M) at the Hero list, where each individual also are pictured in relative height. (Relativeness can also be seen at the random top banners