It’s been the plan to create our own miniatures for both the Board- Tabletop- and RPG game since the beginning. We have finally begun this process by sculpting in zBrush modelling software and creating concept masters on our Anycubic Photon S 3D printers. When we are satisfied with a models pose, outfitting and proportions. Its mould master will be printed by a more exquisite printer, so resin / pewter miniatures will be worth the acquisition.

At first we went for 28mm true scale with heads 1/7 of body height, but these proportions makes the models face and fingers very hard to distinguish and paint. It also makes models very fragile in production and usage. models wiki height 1/64 true scale with a slightly enhanced feel. But the trend of 32mm ‘Heroic Scale’, with awkward proportioned gear are not what we like to sculpt, see or use. Thus we sculpt models in a semi scale mixing ‘scale height’, ”realistic proportions’, ‘paint aiding’ and ‘production & usage thickness’ trying to keep a realistic look as much as possible.

Board game: Hero miniatures are sculpted with the collapsed realm in mind. Each a former force of might or influence, now dusty, worn and weary traveling and slaying invaders and traitors, happy to meet & greet you in a non agressive relaxed pose. Those who have miniatures have a (M) at the Hero list, linking to the Heroes info site and where each individual are pictured in relative height. (Relativeness can also be seen at the random top banners.)

Miniature game: Miniatures are created with the action of observation, skirmishing, charging, firing, meleeing, etc., in mind.