The 1st miniatures where sculpted in ‘Green Stuff’ as far back as 1989.


Since the beginning it’s was the plan to create my own miniature. Sculpting, moulding, casting and distributing was never launched proper. But, in 2020 sculpting in Zbrush modelling software and printing the miniatures at Anycubic Photon S & Mono X 6k, was the launch of this old dream. I had thoughts about making ‘masters’ and when satisfied with model pose, proportions and outfitting. Printing a Mould Master on a more exquisite printer, so casted resin / pewter miniatures would be worth the acquisition. Instead, due to transportation costs for customer and environment, I launched the continued file production and distribution at a Patreon site in june, but has since folded it due lack of Patreons.


At first I went for 28mm true scale (1/64) with heads 1/7 of body height. But, these proportions makes the models face and fingers very thin, fragile, hard to distinguish and paint. It also makes models very fragile in production. The trend of 30-32mm ‘Heroic Scale’, with akward proportioned gear and bulky proportions is not what I like to see, use, paint, nor sculpt. Thus, I sculpt slightly enhanced models in a semi scale, mixing ‘scale height’, ”realistic proportions’, ‘paint aiding’ and ‘production & usage thickness’ -trying to keep realistic look as possible.

Board game: Hero miniatures are sculpted with the collapsed Realm in mind. Each Hero a former force of might or influence. Now dusty, worn and weary traveling, slaying invaders, traitors and monsters. Yet, happy to meet & greet you in a non agressive relaxed pose. The Heroes that have miniatures has a (M) in the list.

I used Facebook to show the board game development progress Facebook – Board Game…

Miniature game: Miniatures are created with slight enhanced realism in mind. Where each miniature adhere to the figures own action of observation, skirmishing, charging, firing, meleeing, etc., But also their Unit and Army theme in mind.

I use Facebook as well for the development progress Facebook – Tabletop…

Minis have also been shown over at my own Instagram but are now @ Islesofmidgard