The first miniatures were sculpted using ‘Green Stuff’ as far back as 1989.


Since its inception in 1989, there has always been a desire to create my own miniatures. However, the full processes of sculpting, molding, casting, and distribution were never fully realized. Nevertheless, in 2020, with the introduction of sculpting in Zbrush and the capability to print miniatures using an Anycubic Photon S, the old dream found renewed vigor. The new strategy involved sculpting the models in Zbrush, printing them on the Anycubic Photon S, and conducting test painting to ensure satisfaction with the model’s pose, proportions, and outfitting. To create high-quality casted resin/pewter miniatures, the next step would be to produce Mold Masters using a more exquisite printer. However, I have since transitioned to sculpting and printing on an Anycubic Mono X 6k printer, which delivers exquisite quality for paint testing. Once the models are deemed satisfactory, the .STL files are uploaded to MyMiniFactory, enabling a streamlined production process that minimizes transportation costs for customers and reduces environmental impact.

Initially, I aimed for a 28mm true scale (1/64) with heads measuring 1/7 of the body height. However, these proportions made the models’ faces and fingers very thin and fragile, making them difficult to distinguish and paint. It also rendered the models fragile during the production process. The trend of 30-32mm ‘Heroic Scale’ with bulky proportions and awkwardly proportioned gear was not what I wanted to see, use, paint, or sculpt. As a result, I sculpted the models with slightly enhanced proportions in a semi-scale, incorporating elements of ‘scale height,’ ‘realistic proportions,’ ‘paintability,’ and ‘production & usage thickness,’ while striving to maintain a realistic look as much as possible.


.STL files: A growing range of IoM miniatures as .stl files for 3D printing, are avaliable at MyMiniFactory

Board game: Hero miniatures are sculpted with the collapsed Realm in mind, representing former forces of might or influence. They are depicted as dusty, worn, and weary of travelling, slaying invaders, traitors, and monsters. However, they are presented in non-aggressive, relaxed poses and are happy to meet and greet you. Heroes that have miniatures available are indicated by an (M) in the list.

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Miniature game: Miniatures are created with slight enhanced realism in mind. Where each miniature adhere to the figures own action of observation, skirmishing, charging, firing, meleeing, etc., But also their Unit and Army theme in mind.

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You can also find updates on the development progress on IoM’s own Instagram page, which is @ Islesofmidgard