Ethereal Enigma

  • Finder: Aelthoria Luminara
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Locale: Forest
  • Type: Perennial
  • Sort: Herbaceous plant
  • Available: Autumn, Winter 60%
  • Cost: 20 gp/ 100 gp
  • Uses: 2


“Almost Divine after but a small zip…”

Skjald Vinotis



Aelthoria Luminara, a legendary Alchemist and seeker of mystical knowledge, is renowned for her boundless curiosity and insatiable quest for rare and potent herbs. Among her many accomplishments, she is best remembered for her discovery of the mystical Herb that came to be known as “Ethereal Enigma.” Aelthoria’s magical expeditions led her to uncharted lands and ancient ruins, where she unveiled long-forgotten secrets hidden within the natural world. Her incredible feats in uncovering the secrets of Ethereal Enigma earned her the title of the “Enchantress of the Verdant Mysteries.”

Aelthoria Luminara’s quest for elusive herbs and forgotten knowledge took her deep into the heart of the Enchanted Forest, a place whispered to hold the keys to mystical powers. There, amidst the ancient trees and ethereal glimmers, she stumbled upon the Herb that would change her destiny. Guided by the mystical energies that seemed to emanate from the Herb itself, Aelthoria named it “Ethereal Enigma” for its enigmatic nature and ethereal glow. As she plucked the purplish flowers with their mesmerizing yellow-red centers, she sensed a powerful aura surrounding the Herb, and she knew that she had found something truly extraordinary.

Skjald Sejrik



Type: Perennial

Leaves: Elliptical-shaped with wavy edges, silver-green in colour, slightly hairy, growing in pairs opposite each other on the stem, with short stalks.

Stem: Woody, growing up to three feet tall, slender, and adorned with mystical symbols seemingly etched into its surface.

Flowers: Large, trumpet-shaped blossoms with a mesmerizing purplish hue and a radiant yellow-red center, exuding a faint, otherworldly luminescence.

Root: Tuberous, spreading deep into the earth, tapping into hidden sources of ancient magic and vitality.

Bark: The stem’s bark is smooth, shimmering with a subtle luminescent sheen under moonlight.

Fruits: Small, spherical capsules that contain tiny, glittering seeds resembling stardust, drifting like magical constellations when dispersed.

Skjald Ulrich



Ethereal Enigma thrives in the mystical and ethereal realms of ancient enchanted forests, where ley lines converge and magical energies are abundant.

Skjald Valgrif



Preparation: Gently pluck the radiant purplish flowers with yellow-red centers during the mystical dawn of the enchanted forest. Carefully dry the petals and grind them into a fine powder that must dry for a week before being used,

Product:  Ethereal Enigma Powder.

Storage: The Powder must be stored in carefully woven pouches made of celestial silk, sealed with ancient runes to preserve its mystical properties and prevent dissipation of its magical essence.

Use: Inhale a small amount of the fine powder through the nostrils.

Effect: The Ethereal Enigma powder, grants the user an ephemeral boost to their physical and mystical attributes, enhancing their strength, agility, perception, and magical prowess. The heightened state lasts for a short duration before gradually subsiding.

Skjald Sigurd



Ethereal Enigma is highly addictive due to the euphoric and empowering effects it grants. Overuse or prolonged exposure to the Herb can lead to dependency and withdrawal symptoms, making it a delicate and potentially dangerous substance to handle.

Skjald Kazumix



Ethereal Enigma’s enchanting luminescence and its ability to tap into mystical energies have led some to believe that the Herb itself holds the essence of celestial beings or forgotten deities. Legends speak of the Herb’s association with ancient prophecies and its connection to the celestial planes. Those who consume Ethereal Enigma’s powder often describe experiencing visions of distant stars and the whispers of long-lost secrets. As such, Ethereal Enigma has become a symbol of the quest for higher knowledge and a source of fascination for scholars, sages, and adventurers alike.

Skjald Ulrich

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