BORN: 26/11 1202 FA in Agion

RACE: Jomzaar

REALM: Cyan Mentalism

AURA: Cyan

HEIGHT: 185 cm




3rd Skjald


“Ever so right…. never a wrong… in his song… ”

Skjald Kazumix



Fourth Age

His Jomzaar mother gave birth to him in Agion at the small town of Duru, the last stop before the mountain pass Laduru leading to Golny. As his father had died in an accident before he was born, he spent the first four years there. Then his mother found a new love, and the family moved to Golny.

Skjald Vinotis


Valgrif is without doubt the most talented Skjald since Huginn. Despite being only half the age of Ulrich, he’s close to being equally wise, and he has befriended all but Kanziganthir and Wrekazi, whom he only met once. He did, however, spend way more time at the High Kings court and thus has a different pool of close friends who are equally wise, yet in the more legal and administrative matters of The Realm. He always tries to be as factual as possible and delivers the sagas without the alehouse warmth of Ulrich.

Skjald Sejrik


Valgrif is the son of a shipwright and ferry master from mainland Golny to island of Piecao. As a young lad, he helped transport travellers while listening to their stories and event descriptions. And much to their surprise, he recognised them and addressed them with openings about their stories, told at their last visit, several years ago. Eventually, he ended up as a sort of ‘court herald’ at Piecao. Advising Lionel about the approaching and, at times, attending counsels of The Realm. There he met Zizu and was breath-taken by the century-old King’s knowledge about The Realm. Thus, he left the service of Lionel and joined the court in Tornix. There he quite rapidly consumed as much information as he could, and when he eventually heard tales about Kanziganthir of Ye Olde Zephyrs, supposedly 3-4 times as old as Zizu, he decided to depart for Grindaa and join the court of Ye Olde Zephyrs.

Skjald Ulrich


Sadly, Kanziganthir and the former king Black Oak had both left for Grimsborg, but he decided to stay for a while and learn as much as possible in the many old libraries of this great Horde. In 1262, when he finally decided he had learned enough, he attended a High Kings fair with the intent to join the High Kings court and study directly under Kanziganthir. The fair was a tremendously huge thing, with hundreds of important people crowding the place and forming queues everywhere, so he didn’t meet Kanziganthir. During the fair, he learned that the old ceremony master had just departed from court life and left on an ancient holy quest of Ye Olde Zephyrs. He didn’t join the Grimsborg court as a servant of the High King either; instead, as he was recognised by old friends in power, he was suggested as Skjald. Accepting the nomination, he was stunning in his performance at the test, so he entered the court as a Skjald.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Valgrif is a fascinating fusion of qualities, crafting a multifaceted persona. He possesses a structured and analytical mind, capable of transforming abstract concepts into practical solutions. His visionary spirit propels people to envision new horizons, inspiring others with his innovative ideas and forward-thinking. At his core, he carries the essence of a sovereign, exhibiting strong leadership skills and a commanding presence. Navigating complex situations with wisdom, he offers stability and direction to those around him. He infuses others with creativity and imagination, seeing beauty and possibility in even the mundane. He’s a reliable protector, valuing duty and security for loved ones. Upholding high standards and creating a sense of safety. With insight, he approaches situations with discernment and objective judgement, often providing reasoned perspectives and wisdom. His inner energies fuel an insatiable curiosity, pushing him to explore new realms and embrace personal growth. His open-mindedness acts as a bridge between different perspectives and cultures, enriching our understanding of the world.

Strengths: Logical and systematic thinking. Problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Innovative and creative in finding solutions. Proficiency in turning concepts into tangible outcomes. Forward-thinking and imaginative. Inspires others with their innovative ideas. be able to see possibilities and trends others might miss. Driven by a sense of purpose and the pursuit of meaningful goals. Strong leadership skills and a commanding presence. Wise decision-making and the ability to manage complex situations. Projects confidence and self-assurance. Provides stability and direction for others. Imagination and creativity are boundless. Often an inspiration to others through their artistic expression. Envisions possibilities beyond the constraints of reality. Encourages a sense of wonder and beauty in the world. Strong sense of duty and responsibility. Reliable and protective of loved ones. Creates a sense of safety and security for others. Thrives in structured environments and values tradition. Analytical and discerning thinking. Objective decision-making and fairness. Holds high standards for themselves and others. Often serves as a voice of reason and wisdom. Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Open-minded and eager to explore new territories. Often the bridge between different perspectives and cultures. Values personal growth and transformation.

Challenges: May struggle with adapting to unpredictable situations. Tendency to overanalyze or become too focused on details. There is a risk of lacking flexibility and openness to unconventional ideas. Could face challenges in communicating complex concepts to non-technical individuals. Tendency to get lost in abstract ideas without practical implementation. Risk of feeling isolated due to having unconventional viewpoints. Could become frustrated when others don’t share their vision. May struggle with the day-to-day details required to bring their visions to life. Risk of becoming overly controlling or authoritarian. Tendency to isolate oneself from differing perspectives. I could struggle with delegating tasks and trusting others. May feel burdened by the weight of responsibility and expectations. Tendency to get lost in fantasy or detach from reality. Risk of being seen as impractical or lacking direction. May struggle with completing projects due to constant ideation. Could experience difficulty dealing with mundane tasks. Tendency to become overly controlling or resistant to change. Risk of sacrificing personal needs for the well-being of others. Could struggle with adapting to unexpected situations. May face challenges when trying to balance personal desires with responsibilities. Tendency to be overly critical or perfectionistic. Risk of being seen as rigid or inflexible. Could struggle with empathy and understanding others’ perspectives. May experience internal conflict when making decisions. Tendency to constantly seek without finding satisfaction. Risk of becoming overwhelmed by the multitude of options. Could struggle with committing to a single path or identity. May experience restlessness when things become routine.

In essence, Valgrif is a mosaic of innovation, leadership, creativity, and wisdom. His intricate personality weaves together both practicality and vision, offering a dynamic presence that leaves a lasting impact on those who cross his path.

Skjald Vinotis



Since my acceptance as Skjald, I have tried to be as courtly and precise as possible when delivering information, yet I surely do remember all the curly little twists and personal agendas clearly showing when I’m observing people push their will or reporting.

Skjald Valgrif

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