BORN: 4/12 1105 in FA Ascal

RACE: Common

REALM: Red Mentalism

AURA: Orange

HEIGHT: 183 cm




6th Skjald


Rash and impeteous… albeit one of the sharpest… minds… among the Skjalds

Skjald Kazumix



Fourth Age

Sejrik was born the fifth child and third son of a couple running a famous dairy. Thus, young life was as much work as it was play. Often aiding his father at the dairy or doing errands for wealthy customers, he became a strong lad. Not just due to the work, but also to avoid the bullies trying to rob or ruin his cargo. Thus, in his early teens, he was strong as an ox, agile as a panther, and quick as a cobra. As he grew, he became fond of studying the landscape on his errands to nearby farms, mansions, and strongholds. At times, he complimented this and that landowner for good work or what he considered an improvement to aesthetic value. So in the early 20’s, he was as often summoned to former dairy customers or unknown people, asking for his suggestions and advice. Oh, that dairy boy sure had grown into a landscape by his own doing.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


A disasterous fire is said to have cost his three sisters their lives and split the family apart.

An event that triggered Sejrik’s departure and long journey to Akmutal where he is said to have stayed only briefly…

For as he learned of the T'Aurs of Mumuarki in Bay of Braburg he went there to study their famous wrestling and architecture…

It was not until he had passed 30 that he again was seen on the streets of Midgard towns and cities.

Skjald Kazumix


The first time I ever saw Sejrik was in 1172 at the docks of Island of Piecao, where he at first looked drunk and brawling with a couple of the darn Kinoblin. But as I looked closer, it was hits from their totenslagers that made him stagger. Thus, I yelled at them and rushed in for what was about to bode ill for the lad. They must have known who I was and my relations with Lionel because they fled like morning dew from a rising sun.

After the rescue, I took him to The Barfing Seal, a great inn with hot stew and calming ale. And as he munched bread and gulped mug after mug, I started to find the lad interesting. And I now know why they wanted to kidnap him—he was excellent at Magic. Especially his ability to learn and memorise took me by surprise. My initial idea of leaving him when fed and calmed was altered as we spoke. And late that night, I took him to Lionel. Soon thereafter, as I left the island of Piecao, Sejrik became an apprentice and took my spot as advisor. I’ve been told that he’s somewhat like me when reciting, but I see him more like Lionel when he’s debating at our meetings.

Skjald Valgrif


Sejrik is the second-eldest but youngest of our eight main coloured Skjalds, and it is his eye for contradictions in the vast lore that has brought him upwards. And having seen the looks on Valgrif’s face when Yell'a'Beard and Kazumix do their best or worst, He is inclined to tell things like me, yet he is way more sceptical towards the sagas of old. Thus, he uses quite a lot of time for a Skjald reading in the libraries of old throughout The Realm. His findings in various old lore often make him raise debates at our meetings, as he wants to clarify Skjald reciting versus old third-hand scholar documenting.

Skjald Ulrich


At the time of The Great Invasion I had been a Skjald for a handful of years, since 1272, and was enjoying my first stay at Fogwald. When suddenly all the birds of the forest squeaked and went airborne, and out from the backroom came a staggering Deepminded. Mumbling something about a horror setting its foot at Midgard, she told me I had to travel to Ashenhall through the pale orange door in her Eight Door Wall. I turned to ask, and she interrupted, “Just do it now!”.

I remember opening the door and staring into the Astral. Looking back at her, I saw tears streaming down her cheeks. Then I was sucked into the void and merely stood there, staring at a mist of coloured shades and shimmering roads, paths, and what looked like humanoids passing by—some seemingly aware of me yet far away. When my foot touched something odd, almost physical, Looking down, I noticed a small lamp—one of those the nasty Kinoblin always had belted. I picked it up, and looking into it, a face looked right back at me. A face I oddly enough recognised, as I had seen it years before, in the belt of a Kinoblin smacking my skull with its totenslaeger. I could hear it’s voice inside my head: “Ashenhall, hurry…”.

I looked around and thought of the castle, and the Astral began to move. To a distant chime, I found myself walking out of one of Zizus Astral Gate Mirrors—in”a really creepy room.

What on earth and astral… you must come from Fogwald?” Zizu burst out.

Yes, and I believe this is your family…?” I replied and handed him the lamp. I was right; the soul inside was indeed a kinsman of the reborn. From then on, the Great Invasion overshadowed everything, and so much blood was spilled and lives ended. But the sacrifices were not in vain, as peace won over oppression and slavery.

Skjald Sejrik



Sejrik is a captivating embodiment of archetypal qualities, crafting a multi-faceted character that leaves an indelible mark. Embracing communal responsibility and unity means contributing to the greater good. He radiates passion and intimacy, forming deep connections and inspiring emotional expression. He fearlessly challenges norms and sparks innovation. He has honed his keen perception and analytical skills, uncovering hidden truths and offering insight. He thrives on versatility, bridging disciplines, and acting as a source of cross-domain understanding. He is often propelled to champion change and advocate for justice. His actions rally others for causes that matter. His storytelling prowess weaves compelling narratives that inspire and shape perspectives. He brings joy and positivity, captivating audiences through his performances. His dynamic journey unfolds as a tapestry of activism, connection, innovation, and inspiration, fostering a legacy of positive change and vibrant storytelling.

Strengths: strong sense of community and responsibility. Contributes to the well-being of the collective. Upholds values of unity, cooperation, and service. Acts as a reliable and committed member of society. Emotionally attuned and deeply connected to others. Radiates passion and intimacy in relationships. Values connection, beauty, and sensuality. Inspires others to embrace their emotions and desires. Independent and unafraid to challenge norms. Embraces unconventional thinking and actions. Inspires change and innovation through their uniqueness. Often a catalyst for shaking up the status quo. Keen perception and analytical skills. Thrives on solving mysteries and uncovering truths. Highly observant and detail-oriented. Acts as a source of clarity and insight for others. Versatile and adaptable in various domains. Holds a wide range of knowledge and skills. Thrives on interdisciplinary approaches. Acts as a bridge between different areas of expertise. Passionate about change and improvement. Advocates for justice, equity, and progress. Values integrity and challenges systems that need reform. Inspires others to take action and make a difference. Strengths: Driven by a strong sense of purpose and social justice. Mobilises others to rally for a cause. Fearless in standing up for what they believe in. Inspires change and challenges injustices. a captivating communicator and weaver of narratives. Inspires others through the power of storytelling. Conveys complex ideas through relatable tales. Can shape perspectives and influence perceptions. Natural performer and source of joy for others. Radiates charisma and energy in social situations. Creates memorable and engaging experiences. Inspires laughter and positivity in their surroundings.

Challenges: Tendency to conform or prioritise group needs over personal desires. Risk of becoming overly passive or sacrificing individuality. I could struggle with standing out or advocating for personal goals. May feel overwhelmed by societal expectations. Tendency to become emotionally dependent or possessive. Risk of being consumed by intense feelings or attachments. Could struggle with maintaining boundaries or avoiding codependency. May experience heartache from the vulnerabilities of deep connections. Tendency to be perceived as rebellious or unpredictable. Risk of isolation or being misunderstood by others. Could struggle with forming stable, long-term relationships. May face opposition and resistance to their unconventional ideas. Tendency to overanalyze or become suspicious. Risk of becoming too focused on finding hidden motives. I could struggle with seeing the bigger picture. May be seen as intrusive or overly sceptical by others. Tendency to spread oneself too thinly or lack depth in a single area. There is a risk of feeling inadequate compared to specialists. I could struggle with finding a clear career path. May face challenges in gaining recognition for their expertise. Tendency to become overly critical or uncompromising. Risk of burnout from continuously fighting against the status quo. I could struggle with balancing idealism with practical constraints. May face resistance or backlash from those invested in the current state. Tendency to become consumed by activism and neglect other areas. Risk of becoming dogmatic or intolerant of differing views. Could struggle with maintaining emotional well-being due to exposure to trauma. May face opposition and backlash from those who disagree. Tendency to embellish or manipulate the truth for dramatic effect. Risk of being seen as superficial or lacking authenticity. Could struggle with separating their identity from the stories they tell. May face challenges in finding a balance between truth and fiction. Tendency to seek external validation and approval. There is a risk of neglecting deeper emotions by focusing on surface-level interactions. Could struggle with transitioning to more serious or introspective situations. May experience burnout from constantly being in the spotlight.

Sejrik’ embodies a vibrant array of archetypal qualities, creating a multi-dimensional character. He exudes a sense of community responsibility, fosters deep connections, challenges norms, seeks truths, bridges disciplines, advocates for change, inspires through stories, and brings joy through entertainment. His journey is one of discovery, empowerment, and positive impact.

Skjald Vinotis



He has a keen eye for discovering hidden patterns among vast amounts of information.

Skjald El Mary

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