Sun E’lis



BORN: 2/8 64 SA at Hova Isle

RACE: Fautyr

REALM: Red Mentalism

AURA: Pink

HEIGHT: 193 cm






64  Born

1232  Met War'lust

1250  Aided founding The Realm

1279  Joined fighting The Great Invasion


“Ancient beyond belief and a fragile sight is the impression of Fautyrs bright. Yet let not looks fool your mind, for with that lead a tsunami trails behind.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Born in the dense forest of the Hova Isles southern roughlands, the firstborn and only son of a Fautyr mother and Drakk Alfar father, the Alfar blood runs strong in him. Even when he was young, tinkering with items and examining lore was his preferred game. And as he grew, clearly ageing slower than the rest, his mind grew at an exponential rate compared with the rest.

Skjald Ulrich


As he slowly became skilled in several professions, it became harder and harder to find masters able to improve his skills. So at the age of 160, he left Usai and began visiting Fautyr, Drakk Alfar, T’Aurs, Kobold, and others of skill and knowledge. This brought him to the house of Kanziganthir and from there through some Moss’Ari settlements before he eventually came to The Forgotten Valley.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


In the Forgotten Valley, he slowly rose through their ranks and ended up as their leader. The first ever outsider to lead the herd.

Skjald Valgrif


As The Great Invasion hit, he argued of no Fautyr intervention, but in the end they joined if fully as they realised the danger.

Skjald El Mary



Able to mount a Unicorn

Skjald Kazumix

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