• Finder: Nerty Pâlkansson
  • Climate:
  • Locale: Temperate Forest
  • Type:
  • Sort:
  • Available: Autumn 90%
  • Cost: 1 sp/ 2 sp
  • Uses: 4


“Thuril was discovered by Nerty Pâlkansson during her solitary exploration deep within the heart of the ancient Temperate Forest of Butan in Eastern Midgard.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Nerty Pâlkansson, an intrepid adventurer and skilled herbalist, embarked on an arduous journey into the heart of the ancient Temperate Forest, seeking to uncover its hidden secrets. After days of wandering through the dense foliage and majestic trees, she stumbled upon the clove of the rare Thuril tree flowers. Intrigued by its appearance and scent, she decided to test its properties and was delighted to find that it possessed powerful healing properties.

Skjald Sejrik



The clove of the Thuril trees blue-white stribed  flowers, which make up the Thuril herb, is a small, dark-coloured bud with a fragrant aroma and a distinct shape.

Skjald Ulrich



Temperate Forest.

Skjald Sejrik



Preparation: To harness the healing powers of Thuril, the clove must be carefully brewed for a full day, allowing its potent essence to infuse the liquid.

Use: The resulting mixture is to be drunk as a curative potion.

Effect: Upon consumption, the Thuril elixir works to mend wounds and restore vitality to the individual, healing 1D10 points of health.

Skjald Valgrif



Thuril’s potency can be further enhanced if infused with the essence of a rare crystal found deep within the forest, doubling the healing effect to 2D10 points of health. However, these crystals are scarce and only appear under certain celestial alignments, making them highly sought after and valuable.

Skjald El Mary



Despite its remarkable healing capabilities, Thuril must be used with caution. Consuming more than two doses of Thuril in a single day may lead to an imbalance in the body’s natural energies, resulting in adverse effects such as dizziness, nausea, or temporary weakness.

Skjald Sigurd

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