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“‘Cako, the earth-roots of Gold made them richer than the Sharun of Sunborn and many a ebemy.”

Skjald Sejrik



Cako activities go back to 3620 First Age, when Arruto Cako found a gold mine and managed to keep it secret until he told it to Lionis top Ubun. In return for a flow of gold, they granted the area to Arruto in hope of continued income. Both did, though, underestimate just how much gold the mountains willingly gave, and the Ubun most certainly Arruto.

Within weeks, the Arrutos family had the goldmine fortified, hired several guards, and began constructing a new home close to the mine. During the winter, the fortification grew and barracks filled with workers and guards, and as spring turned to summer, the new Cako residence. But spring also brought an unexpected guest, a Fautyr claiming they violated old Fautyr treaties. Arruto spent quite a lot upwards the N’Aldaan system, and the pressure worked; the Fautyrs were downvoted in the Council and had to bite the tongue. This cunning move raised the eyes of several other Ubun, and Arruto was elevated to Igaar.

His lord, though, began to see a threat in Arruto and the steady flow of gold. So in 3626, he tried to frame Arruto, and when that failed, he invented an outright lie to send a swarm of allies to destroy the upcoming star. It backfired, first as Arrutos expensive forces showed their worth and defeated the attackers, then the people’s willingness to swap sides and join Cako as they routed defeated foes across the lands. Not until the Lionis leader interveined and asked Arruto to stop grabbing more land in return for looser lord heads did he stop.

So in 3628, House Cako’Zan was formally established and has since managed to wriggle itself through time as one of the Emperors¬† favorites. Right up until the mayhem caused by The Great Invasion, Borji Revolt, Fautyrs Revenge, Sharun Rebirth and old grudges unfold. Costing House Cako’Zan their elevated position and some of their families and strongholds.

Skjald Ulrich




The map of the lands of Cako has been lost.

Skjald Sigurd



Hirosh Cako ‘Zan is a Highborn swearing upwards to his Lord and further upwards in the system. He is currently leading an army of troops and nobles from nine Cako houses.

Skjald Valgrif



They have countless tonnes of gold hidden around the land.

Skjald Sigurd

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