First Age



It was a tumultuous time, but the Thursar Twins, high above, instilled hope!

Skjald El Mary



Several key factors, like Gods springing into existence, Boriac's chaotic ‘world of camps and gardens, and Mana leaking to the Vornirs distaste, resulted in a mighty feat of cooperation, shoving, dragging, stretching, and reordering everything known into a gargantuan ‘magic carpet of the physical World enclosing the Astral within. There is no need to say, I assume, that Thursar and Wickeryadi were upset; there would be no leaks to secretly nurse and flourish, the elements were restrained, and link intersections would occur inside the centre, thus cancelling each other out. Boriac, Vornir, and Gods had long arguments with Thursar’s, meanwhile realising that the world’s surface now lay in utter darkness, making it difficult for Humans, N-Erectus, and fauna to inhabit and travel. Thus, two Thursars, a male and a female, was offered to become beacons in the sky as the Sun and Moon, serving as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices the Divine Races are willing to offer. Thursars satisfied with the compromise, in the joy of races, fauna, and flora, they forgot the Wickeryadian dismay.

Maybe it was this neglection, or maybe it was because of the secret ‘Void Weaving knowledge the Wickeryadi had taught some Drakk Alfar was passed on to the Vornir, in order to enhance the Hand Weaving of Astral Mana threads. Especially since this allowed some Drakk Alfar to aid in shaping a tribe of Ljost Alfar that should have been a task honourably given to the Wickeryadi. So, once again, the Wickeryadi felt overlooked by those who were once their kin.

Or, in fact, it was an accident when Drakk and Ljost Alfar, returning from the Vornir, had their Spirits consumed while resting in a Wickeryadi-tended grove. But three things happened: very few of these Ljost Alfars now exist; the carcasses of the spirit-drained became the Vampires of Wickerii Grove; and these vampires became the only real masters of the void and astral hand weaving known as ‘Arcane Weaving. These, the first of the vampires, equaled those of the divine races in power. After a period where they had multiplied into several generations, an attempt to destroy them all took place.

This release of energies became known as the 1st Cataclysm, resulting in a breach of our world’s fabric so severe that it tore apart along the equatorial belt, and the astral sea within spewed and sprayed forth alongside molten earth and stone. All was total chaos; somewhat secret races even surged forth and joined the fray, but to the surprise of Vornir and Boriac and to the dismay of the Gods, the leaked astral mana crystallised at an astonishing pace. Yet the 1st Cataclysm was of such proportions that not even the Vornirs Hymn of Truenames could calt it, thus a truce was called, and all joined in a successful collaborative effort to save the world from destruction. Nevertheless, the massive surge of Mana during the cataclysm had an enduring effect on the Sun and Moon, altering their celestial paths so they now drift at a 90-degree angle, resulting in extreme degrees of heating at the poles—and it ended the First Age.

Skjald Vinotis



The vampires—they prevailed.

Skjald Kazumix

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