Monster Hunters

Active: 0 SA – 1283

Allegiance: The High King

Type: Non-religious military order

Role: Protection of people

Size: 444 members at peak

Headquarter: Burg Bozak in Noriag


Creature Crew, Sigil Servants

Patron: Gulmur

Motto: “No rest, no retreat.”

Sigil: Gold, Silver, or Copper

Logo: Two humans embracing


1st: Peysa le Guheas

Current: –


“How they came to be is unclear, but legend goes that Peysa le Guheas freed a prisoner from a giant spider, and she became the first to join him in his lifelong hunt.”.

Skjald Vinotis



Monster hunters are a special kind of person who often gains their interest in monster slaying at a very young age. The truly skilled reach adulthood, and the rest either die or find other paths in life. Some might say they are a fearless lot, but that is a mistaken view. The fearless ones end up dead, while those who handle fear as a factor survive encounters with the most dreaded monsters of this world. Many of them told me it was because the fearless don’t plan, and proper planning is needed to overcome monsters of unknown powers.

Skjald Ulrich



Monster Hunters generally live as connected to one of the many Organisations, a Nobility houses, or as free Monster Hunters hired from job to job. Easily recognised by the metal of the sigil, they all bear.

  • Copper are those who live from task to task.
  • Silver are those hired by organisations
  • Gold are those hired by Nobility

Monster Hunters with copper sigils pay for their expenses from the prepaid amount they receive to complete a job. Those wearing silver and gold emblems live with expenses paid and merely have to sign bills that will be passed upwards in the Nobility ranks until they reach a noble covering both the Monster Hunter and the supplier of whatever is billed. Thus, commoners, merchants, and everyone else willingly aid monster hunters whenever they appear. Generally, people do not charge Monster Hunters for water, sparse meals, or a night at the hayloft or stable if thats all required or possible.

Mostly, they live in utter luxury, though, as they at times find treasures beyond imagination or much-coveted items. The Monster Hunter law is ‘Finders Keepers’, yet some have an agreement with their hiring head to share part of the loot and do honour paying their dues.

This ancient system of trust is something the Monster Hunters uphold with the utmost care, should they hear about a ‘lawbreaker’ or an imposter. They rally to find, catch, and execute the culprit. Man, I miss sharing a good meal with those folks, which reminds me that I should get some food.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



They pay by their sigils and never back down from a signed task.

Skjald El Mary

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