Fourth Age


1 Deep Blue Tsunami

1 – 2 The Rim closes

1 – 5 Birth of Arisen

1167 – 1249 1st alliance

1250  – 1277 The Realm

1277 – 1282 The Great Invasion

1281 Battle of Weeping Plains

1282 – 1283 Cleansing Crusade


“Millennia ago they came following their God, millennia since more came -ending all fame!

Skjald Vinotis



In the days following the sinking of LjostariIsle and the eruption of Mt. Vula, the Deep Blue Tsunami swept across the shores of close and far island coasts; it swamped tombs, burial chambers, graveyards, and hitherto unidentifiable remains strewn secretly around the countryside. Known as “Arisen,” these dead yet lively remains might be seen interacting with the injured survivors, rescuers, and Ljostari refugees. Everyone was making an effort to start again on the still-quaking and creaking plains.

As the landshifting came to an end, Races worked furiously to rebuild established Settlements or locate new locations to reside. According to Sailors, all known passages of The Rim looked to be closed. Our World, to the north of The Rim, was thus divided in half by the The Realm, Darin, and the Outlands.

Skjald Sigurd


The Deep Blue Tsunami's aftermath resulted in greater movement and contact among Humans, both Indigenous and Wanderers, as well as with other races.

The ‘Time of Clans’ gave place to the many hundred-year-long ‘Time of Tribes,’ when many people moved away from their previous campsites, bands splitting up and moving on. These Tribes, or Hordes, were added to the growing number of chiefdoms, kingdoms, nations, Countries, empires, and civilizations.

Skjald Ulrich


The Dawn Reborn and le Draugr Riders were two of the Hordes that particularly stood out. Dawn Reborn was founded in the Third Age 3184, and their kingdom was annihilated in the disaster when Ljostari sank and Mt. Vula erupted, by a mountain breaking open and its vulcanic gases burst and devoured everyone and everything. Their Chieftain was so enraged by their unfair termination that he pleaded with the Divine Races for ages, until they were finally given permanent reincarnation in the Fourth Age 518—a heavenly mocking twist of the humans who dared!

The Le Draugr Riders, an old gang of mixed Wanderer and Indigenous blood, hence regarded to be of the Realmar Race, which had long stood among the strongest and most fearsome of warriors, saw their chieftain become the mortal lover of the Goddess. Murf in roughly 1170. This elevated the Le Draugr Riders into the divine plan and the Death Goddess’s execution hand. Some claim they gladly fulfilled this job much beyond expectations, and they developed to such strength that they could name themselves a Horde of Might in 1176. They were also known as the ‘High King of The Realm’s hidden hand’ throughout time.

The Realm distinguished itself among the Empires because, despite its brief life, it was the only one to ever include the whole Isles of Midgard; only Darin and the Outlands lacked the absolute unity of the entire northern world. It’s incredible to think that it all started with an idea at a banquet, evolved into the 1st Alliance, peaked as The Realm, and imploded due to The Great Invasion, all during the lifetime of its first High King!

Unfortunately, both internal factors and the invaders who would soon arrive in The Great Invasion destroyed this attempt at peace and prosperity. Individuals, clans, tribes, hordes, nations, and kings were ready to break vows and pursue personal gain, which contributed to the invasion nearly succeeding in seizing the entire realm, but a collaborative effort of many races managed to defeat the invaders in the ‘Battle of Weeping Plains. With the momentum of the invasions slowed, the ‘2nd Alliance’ took a pledge to clear the realm of invaders and traitors, and the Cleansing Crusade was launched. Almost two years later, the final traitor fortress fell, and the Cleansing Crusade came to a conclusion. As a result, The Scorched Dawn started.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



There are still bands of invaders… or traitors criss-crossing the paths and roads… or hiding amongst the freed people… these are dangers and must be dealt with.

Skjald Kazumix

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