Vornir made the first recipe, and Mortal Races has ever since tried to match their level.”

Skjald El Mary



The Vornir are those that made the first recipes, and then the Gods quickly adapted and followed with many new things within the scheme of existence. As other Races arose, Gods willingly taught much of their knowledge. And as time went by, good recipes became standard, and bad attempts were lost in time. So today, we all adhere to a well-proven system of recipes.

Skjald Sigurd



Recipes are generally grouped within these areas:

  • Resource any type of raw material refinement.
  • Armour any type of bodywear, Cloak and Shield.
  • Jewellery any type of Neclace Finger Ring and Ear Ring
  • Potions any type of StatsSkills and Ability enhancing
  • Consumable any type of HealthStamina, and Mana boosting
  • Poison any type of Potion, Powder or Paste having a negative impact.
  • Inventory any type of Inventory improving.
  • weapon any type of melee or missile weapon, and ammunition.
  • Goods any type of tradeable good.
  • Decoration any type of banner, sculpture, pillar, centrepiece, megalith, or statue.
  • Plans any type of building, decoration, or engine blueprint.
  • Material any type of building, decoration, or engine parts.

Its worth noting that crafting can be both a resource, an item, or really complex objects.

Rag Tags (0)

These aren’t part of the crafting system, but they can use recipes from 1 up to 49.

Apprentice (I)

Recipes from 50 up to 174.

Novice (II)

Recipes from 175 up to 299.

Journeyman (III)

Recipes from 300 up to 424.

Chief (IV)

Recipes from 425 up to 549.

Master (V)

Recipes from 550 up to 674.

Lord (VI)

Recipes from 675 up to 799.

Overlord (VII)

Recipes from 800 up to 924.

Grand lord (VIII)

Recipes from 925 up to 1000.

Skjald Ulrich



Crafted items have an average purity of the ingredients used, up to the skill of the crafter.

Skjald Vinotis

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