“How it happened, was it a breach in the Astral or in our World, that allowed energies to give birth to breathing, thinking, crafting races—not even Thursar seems to know. But through countless millennia, each has evolved and formed distinguished races that interbred peacefully or warred for dominance.”

Skjald Ulrich



There is no doubt the Divine Races are the oldest, nor that those we call N-Erectus are older than Human but for our Erectus ancestors. Exactly how they came to life is uncertain, but tales, countless millennia old, of Vornir discovering a Mana leak between The Void and the Astral. Tells of Vornir, who began to spin those energies, giving them form and purpose. I’m not quite sure that the Vornir should be thus praised, but since Scholars have nothing to disprove, I guess they can have it for now.

Skjald Sejrik


Through intense studies of the oldest scrolls and books. As well as long talks and discussions with some of the oldest of all living beings, even Gods, Boriac, Thursar, and some Wickeryadi. We have been able to construct an order of birth for all the intelligent races. But, as most occurred in the early Dark Ages, we don’t know years or time spans. But we do know that whats called 1st Cataclysm came after the birth of Ljost- and Drakk Alfar, and it was during this that the Aquerian and Sealkin were first seen. The Old Reshape, as we call the cooling down of our world, also saw the first Undine and T'Aurs stepping forth.

  1. ThursarWickeryadiVornirBoriac
  2. Earthnodes/Gods
  3. Erectus
  4. Drakk Alfar
  5. Ljost Alfar
  6. Missing Link
  7. Vampire
  8. Dwarf
  9. Sealkin
  10. Aquerian
  11. T'Aurs
  12. Kobold
  13. Undine
  14. Sproblin
  15. Ye'Til
  16. Naledi
  17. Garectus
  18. Mammutan
  19. Floren
  20. Ubag
  21. Fautyr
  22. Kinoblin
  23. Anurai
  24. Antesse
  25. Roden
  26. Ergaster
  27. Pigryn
  28. Herto
  29. Heidel
  30. Neander
  31. Denisov
  32. Cromagi
  33. Moss'ari
  34. Common
  35. Romasai
  36. Izir
  37. Utarik
  38. Rimzir
  39. Jomzaar
  40. Vular
  41. Clovincaz
  42. Ogryl
  43. Findograa
  44. Tatongol
  45. Borji
  46. Markian
  47. Darim
  48. Ortagui
  49. N'Aldaan
  50. Ughuz
  51. Arisen
  52. Realmar
  53. Lava Imp

Skjald Valgrif


As such, a whole new race sprang forth when Ljostari sank, and the Deep Blue flooded the remains of the dead, as it was from that tsunami that the Arisen sprang forth.

Skjald El Mary


The other races and humans are alike in so many things, but in one they are set apart. It seems, due to studies of Draugr, that humans alone among races have the ability to force their Spirit to stay in our world, even though their Carcass is damaged beyond repair or they die. In which case the spirit keeps the body animated. Aside from that, races are alike in appearance but with variations in looks and the time until they die of age.

The other races do, though, have a much longer time span in our world and were born long before any human sub-race. Some are even half of the current human sub-races. Their world-time and long-lasting cultures have bestowed upon them a much more relaxed and strategic approach to world affairs, unlike the more impetuous and rashly short-lived mankind. Which might be the explanation why it took them so long to come aid humans in The Great Invasion.

Skjald Sigurd



Prior to The Great Invasion, most humans blissfully thought themselves sole inhabitants of The Realm. and considered other races pure fiction, or occasional Monster best slain, and thus they lived happily ignorant, but those with insight knew better…

The world consists of many races, and as we all learned, far more than lived in The Realm, Darin, Outlands. and even more than lived above The Rim.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Most people froze and children shuddered when a Kobold, Kinoblin, or T’Aurs entered a village, and even sturdy guards or traders clearly showed their discomfort when approached. While others, accustomed to dealing with or working with other races, merely had a merry smile and easily went into cosy chat or business. The Great Invasion made these factors even more visible, and common folk have begun fleeing the scene whenever any racial creature but humans show up, while those accustomed to the other races merely base their actions upon one simple question: is this one of the hostile races or is it one of the friendly ones? This is a fact that has cost many a being from the other race’s life, despite its intentions, and many a human from the renegade or traitor.

Skjald Valgrif


I find it odd, though, that the tall dark sticks of northern Findon and the hairy muscle mountains of southern West Fjella, despite all our diversity and sprawled looks, have that little insight and respect for the other native races. I mean, we humans do, after all, cover all of The Realm, leaving very little room for the others to act as they would like. But oddly enough, they seem to accept this.

Skjald Vinotis



They are able to keep their spirit in the world and thus become Draugr.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


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