Moffe’s Spikes


Firmly, it was held by Ljost Alfar minds; meanwhile, the wave roamed.

Skjald Sejrik



Fourth Age

Moffe’s Spikes are the Northeastern remains of a large mountain resting between Faramot's Peak and Mt. Goket. Its jagged, unfriendly terrain has since the Deep Blue Tsunami been slightly elavated towards the south. Due to its Resources and Raw materials resting solidly in the hands of Esly Lords, the border is heavily fortified.

Skjald Vinotis



It’s the only one of the red mountains that lies entirely in Esly, and the border to Claun runs somewhat south of it. At the west side lies the Town of Angnasut, and to the east lies the twin villages of Yalada and Olmagi. Uphill from Yalada, there is a Ljost Alfar city called Imaldagiitola. In the southlands lie Jallerup, Kamhede, Hanhurr, Hjortu, Katholm, and Magdaburg. To the north lie the cities of Rendbul and Klodva.

Skjald Sigurd



The area is controlled by several noble families of Esly.

Skjald El Mary



Gems, and Metal.

Skjald Ulrich


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