“They seemingly came in search of an Eternal Bush.”

Skjald Ulrich



Almost 5 millennia ago, they crossed The Rim. Some stories tell of the Vular fleeing, the Jomzaar pursuing, and the Rimzir on some secret agenda. Exactly why is now lost to most, if not all, but two facts are carved in stone: they came and they infought.

As soon as they had crossed the Rim down between Dalip and West Fjella, they settled on those two Isles and at the South shores of Midgard. Rather quickly, they spread along the shores and soon reached Naldar, East Fjella, and Ljostari. It was as if they not only searched but also hunted something.

The nut-hard people of each Naldar 'Zan House slowed the advance, especially Jomzaar, towards Utari. Midgard with its endless vast plains and mountains kept luring families off all three to settle, and upon entering Ljostari, which was primarily Vular, they encountered the N-Erectus. Races soon encountered at the other Isles as well, and of such Crafting skills that Wanderers alike thought them children of Relagin. It turned out that some were not, but some in fact had done the crafting God. They kept spreading, thinning, decaying, and feeling more and more alive throughout the Third Age.

Skjald Sigurd



Of all the Human Races The Wanderers have an odd ability. If their death in any way is connected to The Deep Blue, they are able to keep their Spirit in our World, thus animating their carcass and becoming Draugr.


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