Black Oak



BORN: 26/5 1154 FA in Zapri

RACE: Rimzir

REALM: Essence

AURA: Cyan

HEIGHT: 199 cm




43rd King of Ye Olde Zephyrs

1st High King of The Realm

Cleansing Crusade Marshall


Royal of blood and noble of hearth, but not born for a crown, he shaped The Realm and became High King.

Skjald Ulrich



Fourth Age

Solvarr Svartholtr became the second-born son of the king of Ye Olde Zephyrs in Zapri in the summer of 1154. He spent the earliest years fooling around as most other noble and royal-born children did not take positions. But in 1162, his older brother died and he became the crown prince, so life changed and the burden of studies grew. Eager for the challenge, he faced it head-on.

In 1169, he was preparing studies that brought him to The Deep Inn at Halkistal owned by Deepminded. He came the very day after Kalmo had left, which Deepminded thought a shame, as that was someone Solvarr ought to know.

Returning to Grindaa, he landed in a war between a couple of Hordes. and in 1170, his father was killed in the spring. Thus, Solvarr became king of Ye Olde Zephyrs. He grabbed the leadership of their allies and had them flock to their banner. It brought them the victory and him the nickname ‘the Black Oak’, as a black oak was the symbol on his personal banner and the feeling allies had of him being an oak resisting any storm.

Skjald El Mary


In 1178, a skilled swimmer and famed treasure hunter named Tuuna joined, and he soon became a full-blown member and had his own lodging at the step cliffs, just south of the city.

Sitting at the shore with Tuunain 1180, discussing their southern defences, they were approached by a man presenting himself as Baldur. Tuuna is said to have jumped the stranger to test his reactions and weapon skills, resulting in a rare standoff. It was not long before Baldur was a full-blown member too.

Skjald Sejrik


1182 and the half Kobold Deepminded spoke so deeply and warmly about trotting through the gates. Kalmo came to Grindaa to visit Kanziganthir and study at their library.

Skjald El Mary


Then in 1184 Krokus came by and joined, and 10 years later in 1194 Aragon joined, to experience both great joy and sadness at Grindaa.

Skjald Vinotis


In 1201, Black Oak hears about the courier service Regarir is building and visits their city incognito. He is uncertain if he should use this new service or keep the ones provided by already trusted allies. Deciding that splitting up information among deliverers was a wise thing, he began using it.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


In 1207, Lord Nam comes to Grindaa and starts working as an Blacksmith and begins to mechanise the Hordes production gear and lines, as well as defences and attack engines.

Skjald Sejrik


Attending a meeting in 1208, in Tartu, capital of Spiy. To discuss with some other kings and scolars how the endless warring could be prevented. The attending Skjald Ulrich brought along a young man, calling himself The Pilgrim. This youngster was extremely smiley at melee, and in duels with several lords, he only lost to Polski and Boneman. These days, I’m not sure they would end with upper hands.

Trying to strengthen his network, he in the spring of 1209 asked Lord Nam to go to help Lionel at island of Piecao.

Skjald Ulrich


1212 became a merry year as Krokus became Ye Olde Zephyrs Naval Commander. They had a state visitor, as Bergon came as ambassador. But 1213 also became a horrible one; shortly after Dogil came by and visited Kanziganthir, the wife and two children of Aragon were assassinated.

Skjald Vinotis


In 1215, Kanziganthir suggested that Lord Nam should be made jarl. Black Oak and the other elders agreed, and a great celebration took place.

Then, in 1216, a little-known fact occurred in Grindaa, as Sessy arrived to talk with Kanziganthir. Later that year, she gave birth to a boy and a girl twins, but it was for sure not the offspring from Kanziganthir, but one of the Gods was father.

Skjald Sigurd


In the year 1218, Krokus and Amras talked Black Oak into creating a new layer of initiation to sort the more brutal and less thinking applicants out. Thus preventing these from taking the inner initiation test and becoming members. . As they were constructing at the gates, they could hide some of it as part of another construction. Thus, they built a large inn The Burrito Hall outside their main gate and handed it to Yell'a'Beard to run as his.

One of the very first to take the new initiation, War'lust, actually drowned during the dive and thus failed. But, hauled at shore, The Pilgrim and Pakara both grabbed by-standing goats and started to slap life back into the dead-frienzied brute, who, spluttering with rage, jumped up, yanked the goat heads off, and dove right back—to emerge at the pond with the axe. Standing outside my new inn, I saw most of it, and sure, we had a blast that day.

Skjald Yell’a’Beard


In 1221, news hit his ears, and he went to the Filled Bucket in Snaw to study what Regarir was up to with his holy village.

Skjald El Mary


1230 brought Black Oak an interesting comrade; at an official visit, he encountered The'D Fish in Srillo, the capital of Scia.

A wise man that he met again in 1232, when they attended the 50-year celebration banquet of Meanbone in the Junnatu Caves.

1232: Bergon visits Grindaa again and tries to meet with Aragon again to discuss a secret told by Aragon. But Aragon had left, so the visit was only for a few days. Days Black Oak spent watching who Bergon met and mentioned.

Skjald Yell’a’Beard


Then, in 1233, a major power established itself. The group of Dogil, Regarir, and their lot from that holy village had moved to Markeoy, rebuilding an old monastery. Suddenly claimed all of the peninsula of the southeast Braburg. Enraging not only the local kings but also Nefius who asked Ye Olde Zephyrs to tag along and destroy these land-robbers. Looking it over, Black Oak declined as those upcoming lads, with their Holy Star Order had the law on their side. Seeing them grow did concern Black Oak, and when Lionel in 1236 visited, he told him that the Holy Star Order had attempted to land on his soil. Concerns grew: should he aid in destroying them or ally with them for his own vision? It was a difficult balance, as they might be of use but for sure would not be controlled.

Skjald Sejrik


The Free City of Muldum was established a year earlier, but in 1240 Black Oak visited to experience it, and it was just the right time. Entering a small town square, he saw Boneman best a T'Aurs in hand-to-hand combat, forcing it to pay for skins damaged. Later, he had a long talk with the youngster, offering him a space in Ye Olde Zephyrs, as they surely could use such a strong and admittedly wise comrade. The offer was politely declined, but a friendship was forged.

Better luck talking someone into his service, albeit subtle, as Black Oak had in 1243 when Doodman resigned as court herold. I believe it was part of the plans for The Realm´and the High King institution. In the summer, Atallanti also showed up to meet Kanziganthir and taught several members some unique melee skills.

Skjald Ulrich


Then in 1249 The'D Fish came to Grindaa, aiding Black Oak in becoming High King, and things began to spin fast. Many lords attended, and in 1250 Black Oak resigned as king of Ye Olde Zephyrs and became the 1st High King of the Realm. Instead, Woodmaster became the Hordes king.

At the great banquet, Black Oak announced his betrothal to Kirfol Kesten. a Tatongol Princess. Ensuring a tight bond between the High King and Tatongol Hordes.

The new mantle required that Black Oak in 1251 had to ask Den Godan to track up the lot from Holy Star Order and tell them they were treading dangerous ground, and if caught would lose the goodwill of the High King and many Hordes if what they planned failed. Later that year, Solvarr and Kirfol sired twins May-bristle. and Jack-fale. That winter happiness was shattered as Kirfol was kidnapped by a crazy tribe of marauding berserkers, wanting ransom. Black Oak instead led his entire might to their front bridge and demanded her release, or they would face utter destruction. One of the envoys almost went for his blade, but they realised it would mean death, so she was released.

Skjald Sigurd


44th leaving the crown… everyone to frown… Woodmaster, a real disaster of 53…

45th weighing the bum… everyone to hum… Sjekac a real disaster in between…

46th trying anew… picked amongst the few… Wolfhowl a real hope of 54…

Skjald Kazumix


Reelected in 1254, Black Oak in 1255 offered Gizmo the position of Royal Guard Commander due to suggestions from Meanbone and other kings and nobles. Gizmo accepted the offer. In hindsight, it was more a subtile revenge of Meanbone than a strategically clever move for The Realm.

Skjald Sigurd


1259 Kirfol vanishes when travelling from… to… leaving Black Oak with the 2 children.

Knowing his stamina and Magic abilities, it must have been quite a sight when Black Oak in 1261 fought a spider daemon. Despite seemingly being immune to his efforts, he was being worn down, and as he said, that would have been the end of him. Had Boneman not come to his rescue, he stepped in between High King and Monster with a smile. He whistled a merry tune while beating it to death.

Skjald El Mary


When Black Oak resigned as High King in 1266, he opened a series of inns throughout The Realm called The Black Oak Inn. Then he went to Halkistal where he met with Krokus, and later that month Cronos came around and stayed the summer. Black Oak spent a merry time merely visiting old friends, telling tales, and tending his inns.

Skjald Ulrich


Then things of magic, Astral and nature began to shift and wobble. Reports of irregularities came to his ears, so he sent messages to a handful of close friends, who, in the spring of 1277, came to The Deep Inn owned by Deepminded. Meanbone, The Pilgrim, Kanziganthir, and Woodmaster shared a table for deep secret discussions. The next day, the requested Skjald El Mary arrived.

There, they decided to find out what was going on, which came to them not long after. In the form of The Great Invasion

Skjald Vinotis


A long, devastating war, close to being lost, had its eclipse in 1281 at the Battle of Weeping Plains. Where Human Hordes and N-Erectus previously not involved swarmed the battlefield, litterally saving the remains of the 2nd Alliance and destroying the forces of The Great Invasion. Many heroes, kings, nobles, and commoners from several races displayed outstanding valour.

Among these was Kaosfrog, who, at the Battle of Weeping Plains, was pardoned for any crimes anyone of The Realm had raised against him and knighted. He replied that they might have won that battle, but more Invader. and traitors still hid out there, so he would hunt them down. An act that triggered many to swear the Cleaning Oath

Both children had survived the war. May-bristle went to the mage tower as she was exceptionally gifted, and Jack-fole went to Ye Olde Zephyrs to play his part as Jarl.

Skjald Ulrich


After the Cleansing Crusade Black Oak retired to enjoy life at his many inns and is thus often seen travelling the dusty roads. Always ready for a story and a mug of ale, and if the encounter is an assassin in disguise,.

Skajld Valgrif



He can go Berserk while keeping his wits and even Mana Manipulate in this state.

Skjald El Mary


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