From slim to muscular


Females: 165-225

Males: 170-235


Females: 72-120

Males: 70-190


Females; –

Males: –


Lightgrey, beige, white.


Black, brown, grey, white





Vampires rose from Alfar kin to the greatest of powers, even bested divine foes.

Skjald El Mary



They are not a hoax to cover the work of Allele Diploid, nor are their prey victims of Relagin as some claim. They are several millennia old Race with immense power. The first sighting of a vampire was prior to the 1st Cataclysm in the Dark Ages. Some of the Divine Races and still-living elders of N-Erectus in fact verified vampires were the reason it occurred.

The attempt to rid the World of them, as they were never encountered at the Astral. It was believed the Mana Sea would dissolve them, so the plan was to make Astral and the world one. We, however, doubt this, as the stories don’t quite add up, and we suspect the Gods are playing with us. Still, the Astral had a severe disruption from that as well.

Skjald Ulrich


It’s said that when the first Mana began leaking into our world, Some of the Mana Threads were bitten or infested by something. Unable to fathom what it would become, these were merely tended by the Vornir and did not respun; thus, these beings came into existence with an internal hunger for energy. The God Relagin has somewhat scoffed at this as rubbish, as that would mean unknowns with equal or alternate power exist alongside the Divine Races. To this, some have whispered that, in fact, Relagins creations have gone wrong, and hes trying to hide them. Maybe it’s even from him that the Kobold rumour comes, as he ain’t too keen on their Crafters. Skills.

Thus, we would more or less be in the dark regarding their origin, if not Yell'a'Beard had been to Outlands where he faced an embraced one and killed it. Also, from interrogations of prisoners caught in The Great Invasion, it seems vampires act a bit more openly there. At least several Nobility caught interesting stories regarding vampires.

Skjald Valgrif


But, it’s quite clear from the tales and legends that the first vampire(s) was of immense power, matching Thursar and gods alike. No wonder, as they are as tough and strong as Trees and skilled as Boriac trained Drakk Alfar. This knowledge of their true origin might be why Uar Knosso Perimax created the Eternal Bush, radiating a glow of astral light and dripping with a balm that can end a vampire’s thirst.

Like those who can be revitalised by praise or meddling with the world, vampire power is sustained by their blood. But they have an odd effect on their victims, depending on how much they drink. If they only feed a little, their source becomes fatigued, dizzy, and, at times, ill. If they, on the other hand, drain their victim, it becomes bloodless Carcass for a full day. But its Spirit becomes locked to the dead-looking corpse and the drinker. Both then share their common abilities equally, making the drinker slightly weaker and the newborn vampire much more powerful than in its previous condition.

So, why vampires sometimes drain victims instead of just feeding them is a mystery. Maybe they need comrades to fight Allele Diploid and Relagin. Both use vampire existence as a means to further their own agendas.

Skjald Sigurd


We don’t know how many generations of vampires there are, but according to Da'Vey, there’s quite a difference between besting the most recent and fighting those just a few generations ago. He is, of course, not certain, but he thinks that the oldest he has put to rest, from around the time Ljostari sank—I assume there’s no reason to mention vampires hate Da’Vey and his vampire hunters.

Skjald Vinotis



They live alone or in very small households across the entire world, according to Sessy, who heard stories about them below The Rim. All obey their maker, and that is their maker. Thus, all eventually obey the first ones, and if there was but one, God, what a Monster it would be.

We suspect that there are several branches of vampires, in accordance with the tree-draining legend, as some are very different from the others and even vary quite a lot from the carcass and spirit of the victim. One becomes extremely strong, heavy, and brutal. Another, almost like a mind-reading Mentalism Mana Manipulator and so forth.

Skjald Sejrik


We also know very little about the 1st generation ones, except they were all Drakk- and Ljost Alfar. But we do know a little about those who embraced forming 2nd and newer generations. Through intense studies of ancient lore and conflicts, as well as studying the known 2nd and lesser vampires, the two original Alfar-Vampire kinds, although both vampires, seemingly developed into two major groups with exceptionally few cross-overs.

Drakk Alfar generally became blood-drinking vampires. Who must regularly drink fresh human (or animal) blood to sustain their existence. They cannot be satisfied with blood from the dead and can be harmed if the blood is infused with a strong force of religious belief before vampires feed. This type of vampire is most common, and they can be found in cultures and myths all around the world. According to many myths, one single feeding of blood can provide a vampire with a subsidence for two weeks.

Ljost Alfar generally became a spirit vampire. They must regularly feed on humans, and although spirit vampires do not physically harm their victims or willing donors, they extract life force, which enables them to live. This ability can work both with single victims and by extracting the life force from crowds of people. Most often, victims don’t notice that the vampire is feeding on them, and the effects of such feeding can be short- and long-term fatigue (which very rarely leads to death). But, as spirit vampires consume their victims energy, usually shortening their life span, it shows visibly and sometimes kills them from excessive feeding.


Human Vampire:

The ’embrace’ as Vampires call it must be some combination of blood and human spirit, as humans are the only race amongst all fauna that Vampires feed upon. But, as we have no records whatsoever of Jomzaar, Rimzir, and Vular vampires, nor of any Wanderers and Indigenous Realmar offspring, or Wanderers and N-Erectus offspring being embraced and thus becoming vampires, We have concluded that there are most likely no vampires south of the Rim.

It’s odd, though, that those of Alfar and Wickeryadi origin did end up needing those to sustain their vitality. The embrace has four outcomes for the victim: successful embrace, disfigurement, insanity, and death. If the embrace is interrupted or otherwise goes wrong, it can result in the vampire becoming a disfigured vampire and rotting the flesh. The embrace, or life as a vampire in general, can sometimes induce mental illnesses and the creation of insane vampires who cannot be controlled.

As we know one set of 1st Generation Alfar vampire teeth and know the structure of human teeth across their 2nd to 9th generations, especially from Da'Vey, We have been able to figure out that every second generation shifts the fangs one step outward. Thus, the second generation shares the extension of the inner incisor. The 3rd and 4th generations see the outer incisor extended. The single canine tooth spans the 5th and 6th generations. The inner premolar covers the 7th and 8th generations, and the 9th is the outer premolar. So far, we are uncertain if it is also just the 10th generation affecting the outer premolar or if that one covers all generations after the 9th, as we have never seen or heard about vampires with extended molars.

1st generation Ljost Alfar: Zyldiliin Malthûrr, Drakk Alfar: Mehelge Huintyy'r, Drakk Alfar: Ranty Rantulak,  Ljost Alfar: Liamonda Nialva, Ljost Alfar: Mirranu MarragaLjost Alfar: Ballinoa Jevati, Drakk Alfar: Garamar ne Gideti, Drakk Alfar: Pinteqa lo Faxtux, Drakk Alfar: Gillionalia Miola, Ljost Alfar: Khütu Siljêr Jā, and Drakk Alfar: Igren Ellýs Sinej.

2nd generation Ughuz: Zaraq 'the Shadowblade' Zemez, Borji: Yan Pirilla, Clovincaz: Lacap 'the Great' Baanaj, Tatongol: Khadu Namu, N'Aldaan: Agihata Natao, Markian: Yanoto Togomo, Mawmen: Alosaka Ipoh, Moss'Ari: Ranét Ritzlouren, Common: Yatar Lundall, Common: Grylie Kimoa, Ogryl: Muat Cham KotuPadurian: Delir 'the Shadow Weaver' Sayedzai, Padurian: Arash 'the Wanderer' Sepehrkhel

3rd generation Ughuz: Sylara 'the Bloodmistress' Shimzi, Findograa: Prince Amindrak, Borji: Yome Juxza, Ortagui: Muvmin Katawi, Utarik: Jonzey Dalbert, Mawmen: Enapay Xuois, Common: Leynella Lundall, N'Aldaan: Naggahatro Miyano, Padurian: Pariwash 'the Sea Witch' Kalanzai, Padurian: Azin 'the Illusionist' Parvizkhel

4th generation Ughuz: Draven 'the Cannoneer' Rabiqz, Findograa: Lord Kaelthar, Borji: Gingin Waqmeo, Ogryl: Beau le Santo, Markian: Lomo Lamo Huxva, Mawmen: Keme NiuqnoglaPadurian: Anosha 'the Whisperer' Noorzadkhel, Padurian: Kambiz 'the Scholar' Nikzai

5th generation Findograa: Lord Bokassrek, Borji: Xipia Nanamei, Tatongol: Junmo Dungha, Ortagui: Lamala Bwarti, Izir: Karmrana Jataqua, Mawmen: Holata Elonimes, Padurian: Khadir 'the Silent Blade' Deleerzai , Padurian: Soozan 'the Enchantress' Kaihankhel

6th generation Findograa: Chieftain Vordrak, N'Aldaan: Dagami Asumi, Ogryl: Konri von Veelen, Utarik: Timylo Dattami, Darim: Olmok Pukdas, Mawmen: Kilchii Ojavan, Padurian: Hamzad 'the Smith' Darweshzai

7th generation Borji: Kindao Meiling, Tatongol: Hanato Ghurtu, Markian: Himmarati Hadagure, Ortagui: Hagama Magalala, Izir: Fatukot JahbakMawmen: Samoset Naiuqnogla

8th generation Borji: Laqxi Xiya, Ogryl: Da al Agumato, Ortagui: Wafiq Quatafa, Utarik: Bodzilo Safkami, Darim: Johkum PolumMawmen: Adoeete Awoik

9th generation N'Aldaan: Jaruto Mogami, Markian: Nakafe Prista, Ortagui: Rafiq QuatafaUtarik: Yalmabela HimloDarim: Kafte Grouefta

Skjald Ulrich



Never encountered at Astral… They shun Sunlight… and they can die…

Skjald Kazumix


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