Height: (cm)

Females: 250-260

Males: 250-260


Females: 125-175

Males: 125-175


Females; 1200

Males: 1200


Brown, grey, red, beige, white









“According to Scholars, the Wickeryadi stands outside the Boriac, Vornir, and Thursar schemes. How they came to be is a mystery, but suddenly a three-year-old gained thoughts, voice, and motion, turning into a Wickeryadi.”

Skjald Ulrich



Long before the divine Vornir began to tend Mana swirls of the Astral into things and beings in The Void and thus our World. The Wickeryadi were already tending things in The Void, especially Flora, as if they knew what would come in the future.

They say their birth was due to uncontrolled mana leaks from the astral, long before Vornir and Boriac started to care about the Void. Swirling into the Void, some leaks did not crystallise but lingered with a vague pulsing. Slowly, some formed into special Flora, which, when touched by Mana anew, would change and come alive with thought, voice, gleaming eyes, and the capability of motion. These living and thinking Flora existed for a long time, tirelessly tending to other Flora.

Skjald Vinotis


Before being discovered by the Boriac and Vornir, they had managed to create a vast range of Flora out of the leaking mana. A flora range tends to be shared with some Drakk Alfar. Tribes. These flora are what we call Combat Herbs, as they are not tied to Vornir fate threads and have strange effects.

The Wickeryadi are sort of similar to the Thursar, with the difference being that they are animate material, whereas the Thursar are inanimate matter that sparkles to action.

Skjald Sejrik


Some ancient notes hint at Boriac teaching Wickeryadi divine knowledge and Wickeryadi teaching Boriac Void Weaving in return. As Drakk Alfar had worked for ages alongside Wickeryadi before meeting the Vornir at the Astral, it is likely that the Drakk Alfars deep insight in both Void Weaving Hand Weaving Mana Threads originated from Wickeryadi and Boriac.

Weaving skills were so fully mastered that the Vornir allowed some Drakk Alfar to watch and eventually aid in the creation of some Ljost Alfars.

Skjald Valgrif


Aside from keeping nature a place where Flora can grow, at times other beings try to tame and shape ‘the wilderness’. Wickeryadi seldom mingle with other races, yet sometimes their nature-tending habits make them attack and erase settlements. This has brought them on uneven terms with as good as all but the Fautyr.

Another reason they shun other races might be ‘the Spirit incident’. A small group of both Alfar races, creators and created alike, returned from a visit to the Vornirs at the Astral. As the return to our world took rest in a groove, the nearby trees sprang alive, not by receiving Spirits from the Astral but by consuming those of the Alfar. Thus did the few Drakk Alfar Void Weaving masters, and their ‘creations’  perish; their spirits and the Wickeryadi sappling bodies instead became Vampires.

This spirit-consuming incident has been fuelled by vampires, aldermen, and even some Gods fueling the dispute, which has been argued to be a deliberate Wickeryadi action. The purpose is claimed to be both an erasing of the Drakk Alfar touched Ljost Alfar and to limit Void Weaving knowledge amongst the Other Races. Wickeryadi’s denial of these outrageous rumours has been futile.

Skjald El Mary


When they finally came… Invaders without shame…

Eventually was cut down… losing victorious crown.

Skjald Kazumix



They live alone, tending a section of forest or wilderness; most often, the nearest of their kind is more than a day’s walk away. They generally shun contact with other races and will try to force resting parties away.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



A dormant Wickeryadi about to spring alive will catch the nearest spirit.

Skjald Sigurd


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