Void Weaving




As he gently pushed the whirling energies away, he observed that they operated slightly against his intentions. Puzzled, he began weaving his hands in different directions towards the whirling energy. He smiled, then grinned, as it appeared to matter how one manipulated.

Skjald Ulrich



Dark Ages

Void weaving draws from the void, allowing practitioners to manipulate the unseen threads of energies that connect all things. The secrets of void weaving are inscribed in the very essence of the world, making it a timeless art that transcends the boundaries of mortal understanding.

Discovering a similarity between the void and the other manipulations, yet also differences in transforming either. Kjartana Killincha, an Archaic Druid began to study the formation of solid things from astral liquid energies and their dissolution into liquid energies once more. When Kjartana Killincha began practicing, a few individuals became interested and joined his studies.

Skarnir Frostbinder, a towering Thursar with icy-blue skin and ancient wisdom etched into his eyes, is one of Kjartana’s most skilled followers. Skarnir has mastered the art of void weaving, using it to manipulate frost and ice in ways unimaginable to others. He resides in the secluded ice caverns of the Frostspire Mountains, teaching the secrets of Void Weaving to the chosen individuals who prove themselves worthy. Skarnir’s Thursar Soup is believed to have been the reason behind the exceptional age Kjartana reached.

Eilif Moonwhisper, a Drakk Alfar, with obsidian-black skin that shimmers with starlight, met Kjartana and immediately joined him. Combining their knowledge, Eilif used void weaving to developed profound knowledge of astravel. In the glimmering Drakk Alfar realm, Eilif guides those who seek to master the art of void weaving.

Skjald Vinotis


First Age

As the world was created, Kjartana and his followers established concealed sanctuaries where Void Weaving was carefully preserved. The knowledge was encoded in symbolic sigils, ensuring its survival through the ages. Those they chose to include as master students in this ancient magic were bound by an oath of secrecy.

While void weaving takes place in the world, it stretches into the farthest reaches of the void beyond the skies. Void Weavers believe that by attuning themselves to these energetic whispers, they can unlock even greater mysteries and shape reality according to their will.

Void weaving, passed down through generations in whispered teachings and hidden sanctuaries, remains a potent force, its practitioners guarding the delicate balance between the mortal realm, the astral, and the unfathomable void.

Skjald El Mary


Through time, while being taught, other Races had occasional glimpses of the weaving and dancing. In the beginning with devastating results for the unskilled mana manipulator, later as a common performance of things taught or perceived wrong. So the Drakk Alfar began to teach the N-Erectus, mostly to prevent disasters from uncontrolled manipulation.

Fadgala Kilona, a tall, stout Clovincaz, found Kjartana’s teachings in an ancient tome hidden deep within the Astral Library. Eilif’s mastery of void weaving is deeply entwined with astral energies, allowing him to weave illusions and manipulate the fabric of the world, the void, and the astral. In the torch-lit realms of the Clovincaz, Fadgale guides those who seek the elusive art of void weaving.

Zara Shadestalker, a petite and agile Kobold, stumbled upon Kjartana’s teachings while exploring forgotten tunnels beneath the subterranean realm of Dna'ga Dh'trond. Despite her diminutive size, Zara is a formidable Void Weaver, using ingredients and empathy to her advantage. She resides in Dna’ga Dh’trond, passing on the clandestine art to fellow Kobolds who wish to harness the power of the void.

Lyssandra Swiftgaze, a majestic Fautyr with skin resembling the hues of a twilight sky, was drawn to the mysteries of Void Weaving as she met Skarnir Frostbinder while soaring through the vastness of open-sky grasslands. Her void weaving manifests as ethereal winds and currents, allowing her to control the air itself. In the remote settlement of Ōhotumblia, where her Fautyr tribe dwells, Lyssandra shares the ancient art with those who dream of mastering the boundless power of the void.

Fadgala, Zara, and Lyssandra are but three of those outsiders who managed to find, enter, and become Lords amongst Kjartana's Weavers. It could be fun to join them and maybe even taste some of that Thursar soup.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



The organisation of Void Weavers are structured in a way that aligns with the mystical and secretive nature of their art. Here’s their percieved organisational framework:

At the highest echelon is the Master Council, consisting of the most seasoned and proficient Void Weavers across the Wickeryadi, Thursar, Drakk Alfar, Ljost Alfar, and other communities. This council is responsible for preserving the purity of Void Weaving, making decisions on the allocation of resources, and safeguarding the ancient knowledge.

Void Weavers are organised into secluded sanctuaries, each dedicated to a specific aspect or school of Void Weaving. These sanctuaries are hidden in remote locations, shielded by magical barriers and illusions, and the sanctuaries focus on a unique aspect of void weaving, such as manipulating elements, illusions, or even time.

Initiation into Void Weaving follows a hierarchical structure. Seekers start as apprentices, undertaking rigorous training in the basics of Void Weaving. Those who prove themselves move up to become journeymen, learning under the guidance of a skilled chief. Mastery is achieved through dedicated practice and profound understanding, eventually earning the title of lord.

Void Weaving is a Cross-Race collaboration, from among the different races. Void Weavers from diverse backgrounds convene periodically in neutral spaces known as Void Assemblies. Here, they share insights, exchange knowledge, and collectively advance the understanding of Void Weaving.

Some Void Weavers take on the role of Guardians, tasked with protecting the sanctuaries and the secrets they harbor. These skilled individuals are trained not only in Void Weaving but also in combat and stealth, ensuring the safety of their mystical havens. Mostly these are chosen amongst the Fautyr, as their long lifespan and high agility ensure exceptional void guardians.

A foundational principle is the Oath of Secrecy, binding all practitioners to silence regarding Void Weaving to outsiders. Breaking this oath is considered a grave offense, resulting in expulsion from the organisation, and the guardians seeking one out.

Eldritch Messengers, skilled in secret astral projection, serve as messengers between different sanctuaries. They carry important communications, artifacts, and updates on the state of Void Weaving across the organisation. Mostly these are chosen amongst the Drakk Alfar, as their immortality and resilience towards the Astral ensure reliable void messengers.

Advanced Void Weavers establish Celestial Observatories on high peaks or isolated islands, where they study the patterns of the void. These observatories serve as both research centers and places of meditation, allowing Void Weavers to attune themselves to the energetic forces.

This organisational structure ensures that Void Weaving remains a closely guarded secret, passed down through generations with meticulous care, while also fostering collaboration and mutual growth among practitioners.

Skjald Sigurd


As with hand weaving, void weaving consists of a series of hand, arm, and body movements unique to each Magic Path. And the more powerful a spell, the more complex the use of both hands; it also matters how they are used, as one indicates defensiveness and the other indicates aggressive manipulation. Generally, it is also accompanied by the use of Ingredients to further enhance the manipulation.

Skjald Sejrik



Some say that Kjartana Killincha once mentioned that he actually had touched some of the Mana Thread being spun into Fautyr; thus, they are favourite guards. I must admit, I have no reason to doubt the claim, as he was indeed exceptional.

Skjald Valgrif


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