From muscular to stocky

Height: (cm)

Females: 255-270

Males: 265-285


Females: 145-180

Males: 160-215


Females; 275

Males: 250


Brown to black, some speckled.


Black, brown, beige, white, golden




  • Greater Common

    Greater Ancient

    • OL-DARIN







“Said to be the first mortal race, the Drakk- and Ljost-Alfar encountered in the Dark Ages.”

Skjald Sejrik



Seemingly the oldest of all mortals Races suddenly stomps into the light of the Alfar. So, as they came around before the 1st Cataclysm mentioned in the Alfar annals, their birth and cradle are unknown—they just suddenly showed up and lived peacefully alongside everyone else.

Scholars have been able to determine that at some point after the World Reforming, they gathered in large numbers at what is now known as Markeoy with only one outside colony—at Ljostari. Why they assembled at Markeoy, we don’t know, but it’s the only place their Bison-headed Mana Manipulator kindred has been sighted.

It’s said that when Ljostari sank, some T’Aurs managed to enter the sinking ruins of their sacred temple and grab sapplings from the Eternal Bush. Survivors are claimed to have reached the shores of Midgard, then Markeoy, and then Mumuarki, with the holy sapplings, which they have guarded ever since. We are unaware of the truth of this and the exact location of such sapplings, if any.

Skjald Vinotis



They look like Human with Bull, Cow or Bison heads. Hooven legs and tails. Both Male and Female are extremely muscular, and at 2,5–2,75 metres, a few even taller, they tower above most other Races. They have a large variation in builds, horns, and fur amounts. Females are easily recognised due to their two gland udders. They are actually higher if they stand fully upright on stretched legs, in which case some have been measured above 3 metres.

They generally don’t wear clothing but can be seen with such if travelling the roads of The Realm or as settlement residents of the other races.

When going to war, some don Leather, Fur, or Ljosti Bronze Armour, and wield large Ironthorn Weapons with Magic Glass. Some also exchange leather, fur, and Ljosti bronze for magic glass, as it protects against Mana Manipulator effects.

They have a special lot amongst themselves: those with Bison heads, who are not only skilled in Magic Paths, but, as we understand it, are also crafters and enhancers with skills often matching their age. Skilled ones are also able to mix and blend Differently tinted magic glass, and the more skilled, the larger the color gap they can mix. Some extremely skilled ones can thus mix even Green and Orange.

Only one of these extremely old and skilled ones, Ka'ran Tz'aka has ever been able to include Yellow in his works, and Kanziganthir told me he met Ka’ran twice. Ka’ran was already aged beyond belief when Kanziganthir, as a young Shaman, met Ka’ran for the first time. Ka’ran was still alive when Kanziganthir met him 600 years later, making Kanziganthir suspect them of being tied to the immortality legend.

Skjald Ulrich



They are huge in numbers at Mumuarki in Bay of Braburg at Markeoy. We have heard that at least one bison head has been spotted, so there might be more of them there.

There’s also a small community that once was part of Mino's gang in the Free City of Muldum. And at other settlements in Markeoy, their bison-headed mana manipulators have also been spotted.

Amrad at Dalip, at the North shores of Loplus Tributary. There is a rather large settlement, Mazeuri, partly carved into Greymist Mountains, where the river floats south into Agion.

There are also some very small settlements at Midgard. One of these is Kolind S'ump, close to where the Berserk Masters created their Hordes settlement.

Skjald El Mary



Large stocky races tend to shun other races, and it’s a rare occasion if a non-T’Aur enters their settlements. Despite their looks, they favour studying, horticulture, and chemistry. But, as they all practice the art of melee from a young age, they are extremely adaptable fighters who are seldomly bested in duels, but it happens. Just ask Boneman for a good story if you meet him.

Skjald Ulrich


They generally live in towns or strongholds built out of solid rock. Rarely do they construct from wood or similar thin or weak constructions. Most often, there is only one entrance to their strongholds and no backdoor, as they can’t stand the thought of retreating or fleeing.

Their family structure is based around one strong Male and a number of Females. and youngsters of either Gender. The male leader is responsible for the overall climb up their community’s social ladder, where several ‘herds’ live together in larger settlement.

Skjald El Mary


Generally unarmed, but if wielding weapons, the magic glass refinement and mixture are indicators of combat skills and social status. Weapons of mixed colours are generally reserved for elite fighters or those of higher social status, and if you know your Magic Wheel: the larger the gap between mixed colours, the more skilled or highly nked they are. The same goes for Armour, the cruder the lower and unskilled and the thinner, more refined elaborate multicolor glass and Ljosti Bronze—the higher rank or skilled individual.

Regardless of what ‘Herd’ they belong to, they are all affiliated with one of their military Legions, of which I know at least 32. Here I will mention the 5 most renowed:


LEGIO II: The current Commander is G'narroth Kaur.

They have headquarters at Mumuarki and participated in six great wars; one of these was in The Great Invasion at the Battle of Weeping Plains; another was when they fought the Kobold in the Corba Clash. They prefer to be armed with two slashing hand weapons, cutting through shields, armour, flesh, and bone as they rush into whoever is in their way.


LEGIO III: The current Commander is Obu'ta 'Longhorn' Rarg.

They have headquarters at Markeoy and participated in 4 great wars; one of these was in the Vular War at Ljostis Fall, another was during The Great Invasion, where they fought in Muldums Fall. They don’t really care what weapons they have, as long as they can dispose of foes as quickly as possible.


LEGIO IV: The current Commander is Trog le V'angil.

They have headquarters in Mazeuri and participated in 5 great wars, one of which was the Cleansing Crusade and another where the Findon Fights in 1945–47 Second Age triggered the downfall of the Clovincaz Empire, as well as the Tatongol Raids in 348–351 Second Age. Where Tatongōl somehow used their Fautyr heritage to make some odd claims and raids on some Fautyr ancestral T’Aur sites. They prefer to wield large, long-reach weapons, sweeping foe legs and lopping heads.


LEGIO V: The current Commander is Kexi Kaxi Quat

They have headquarters in Kolind S’ump and participated in five great wars; one of these was in the 1st Cataclysm, where The Grey Crevasse saw the T’Aurs come forth prior to their mass appearance during the Old Reshape. They favour dual wielding and swirling into foes like whirlwinds, while howling to the Army’s Carnyx Horns.


LEGIO VII: The current Commander is Perego 'Big'B' Bram

Their headquarters location is unknown but might be at Mumuarki, and they participated in 8 great wars; one of these was in The Great Invasion, where they during Mazeuris Siege aided the T’Aurs there. They favour large weapons and enjoy plunging into foes like a divine hammer smashing through enemy ranks.

According to Kanziganthir, there is a LEGIO I, but we have never met any of them. They are seemingly some sort of honour guard. LEGIO VI was totally destroyed in the Vular War, and the few that survived the fighting at Ljostari died defending the ship’s crew on the shore of Midgard as they fled inland with secret cargo. So to honour those, no new recruits have ever been taken, as far as we know.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Those with multicoloured or large ‘colour gap’ weapons are elite or upper class.

Skjald Sigurd


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