“Reality consists of physical things spun of Mana threads from the Astral, weaved into existence by Vornir determining everything’s fate, as well as Gods and powerful Mana Manipulators twisting things to their will.”

Skjald Ulrich



Long before the advent of Magic Schools, Academies, and the establishment of order and safety. There were those who discovered how to influence the Mana Sea and bend reality to their own purposes or beliefs. We don’t know if they learned it from Gods Races or figured it out on their own. When they spotted each other, some battled to the death, while others shared knowledge and began to categorise their knowledge. Creating the foundation for all Magic Realms and Magic Paths.

Skjald El Mary


The three Magic Realms are influenced in various ways, and as the Mana Manipulator’s understanding and talents improve, they appear to dig deeper into the Magic Realm and core Aura Colour. This engulfed them in the magic realm, and their aura colours wrapped around their minds and corpses, making learning magic paths on the other side of the Magic Wheel exceedingly difficult. Studying the magic paths of any magic realm involves associating with its gods, which are represented in the mana manipulator’s aura color. Furthermore, there is a difference in how quickly one can interact with and control reality, with the more complicated endeavour taking longer and consuming more energy.

Skjald Sejrik



Channelling Mentalism and Essence are the three domains of magic, each split into eight levels, with magic paths starting in the centre and stretching to the strong edge of what is conceivable. All paths are linked to a set of gods who appear to be drawn to and fed by the use of energies associated with them. Thus, all mana manipulators are born in one of the three magic realms, linked partially by their aura colour alignment towards the gods, but each manipulates in a unique fashion. As a result, they are characterised by their understanding of magic paths.

  • Channelling Mana Manipulators often employ both their own energies and the energies of their gods, as well as their gods’ knowledge of true names.
  • Essence Mana Manipulators rely more on modifying or dissolving existing reality by setting the Mana Sea in motion through Hand Weaving.
  • Mana Mentalism Manipulators have such spiritual (Cyan) or physical (Red) power that they can put things in motion or change reality with a single thought.

Skjald Vinotis


Manipulation of the Mana Sea may be improved by employing ingredients as well as by adding extra Mana in the form of Magic Shards. These occur when Mana Manipulators are careless, purposefully not Truenaming discharged energy, or as a result of Astral Mana leakage. There are eight of these magic shards and two multicoloured anomalies:


Skjald El Mary



One cannot learn the polar opposite of their core unless they are trained beyond mortal capabilities. Deepminded is the human who now covers the most of the magic wheel, encompassing 7 of the 8 magic wheel colours.

Skjald Valgrif



The ability to utilise magic is perilous, especially when displayed in the wrong setting. That day at “The Prudent Mule” in Pikleby, Ivory Vale, I’ll never forget. A card-playing group suddenly erupted in a heated debate, culminating with one of them leaping to his feet in a display of ability, deep into the art of channelling heavenly forces. He began yelling numerous Truenames at a slim man across the table.

However, he was dumb enough to deploy a strong, long-casting channel. The recipient of the energies had no intention of suffering whatever annoyances his opponent was causing, so he got up and showed himself to be a manipulator. Hand weaving intricately and confidently while tossing supplies towards the chanting fool. He was clearly a master manipulator of the essence, aiming for a faster release and stunning, situation-ending impact.

The surrounding card players and visitors at the adjoining tables were taken aback by their behavior. Except for me and a hooded alcoholic who gazed wide-eyed and mumbled to himself, everyone panicked and began to escape or hide. It was rather amusing to watch others panic and freeze over.

The channelling idiot grasped the consequence and changed his spell just as the Essence manipulator launched his miniature, devastating lightning bolt. At the corner of my eye, I noted that the mumbling alcoholic was not paralysed by terror. He clenched his teeth and squinted his eyes in a determined glare at the guys in battle. He blinked, and the Essence Manipulator’s hand twisted out of sync, flinging all of his ingredient pouches into the erupting Lightning Bolt, causing it to go out of control and grow into a pulsing ball of electricity and magma-flames sucking up the Channeler’s hazily controlled energy.

Both gasped as elements and heavenly forces hit their bodies. As their trapped mana spilled out, they bent, twisted, and were ripped open. Then they erupted in a shower of coloured lights, blood, and guts, almost touching my ale mug!

The resulting hush was deafening. Everyone held their breath, sat rigidly, or lay prone in terror. Except for the hooded, somewhat tipsy mentalist, who took a large swallow of his mead and stood slowly as he assessed the situation and me. I’m still convinced I noticed a power-recognition blink and a little smile twist of the lips when we shared the glance. I nodded in recognition of a well-hidden caste. But we never brought it up again.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard

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