BORN: 29/05/1144 FA in Fogwald

RACE: Ogryl/Moss'Ari

REALM: Channelling

AURA: Orange

HEIGHT: 183 cm




  • Fogwald Wardens Head
  • Whisperer of High Kings
  • The Everborn Eye


“The wisest of Humans and the only one known to have given birth to her own Spirit.”

Skjald Valgrif



Fourth Age

She was born in 1144 in Gisar at the opening of Gisardal out into the lands known as Fogwald. When she was born, the town was attacked by raiders. Her parents were killed and the house set afire, yet the raiders didn’t care to kill the crying infant as the house burned. Shortly after the house was ignited, their sheep dog was seen running out into the forest, carrying the baby by biting into the cloth wrapping. Caring but for spoils, the raiders didn’t care to chase the dog and kill the infant. Maybe they assumed the beast would feed on the baby in time.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Days passed, and as the few survivors came back to their razed town, they began rebuilding it for the safety of Baron. Urthakk's who had come too late to save the town but in time to deliver fatal blows to the raiders who fled into the forest. The town again bloomed, and as the years passed, there began to be a tale of ‘a wild girl in the forest’. Sometimes seen foraging at farms and at other times spotted crossing a stream or bridge. Some said it was the old Alchemist couple’s daughter, saved by her dog, still alive.

So, around the year 1160, Bwenthol Poliak, a Shaman decided he would try to see if he could find and meet this girl living in the forest. She once told me that Bwenthol Poliak found her, or she found him, when one day he was attacked by a crazed boar. As he was being stomped and torn, she decided to spring out of the nearby bushes and land atop the boar. The hazy sight of a nude girl atop the boar, stabbing her ragged crystal dagger into its neck, was the last thing he ever saw.

Her dog died in that fight, and despite her care, Bwenthol Poliak passed away a week or so later. Uncertain what to do with the corpse, she decided to bring it back to where it came from: civilization. So one day a blacksmith, at the outskirts of Bongil in the northern part of Uhm Plains, experienced the odd sight of a nude woman dragging a stretcher with a nude man and a dog on it coming towards his house and shop. Even at a distance, he could see the exhaustion and rushed towards her. Seeing that, she dropped the stretcher and turned to flee, but instead passed out.

When she woke, she was in a soft bed, bathed, and dressed in soft but rough wool. And as she was to rush up, the Blacksmith gestured to her that she should stay in bed and instead eat some food he offered. As she began to eat, he went outside and buried the corpses.

Skjald Ulrich


She is said to have stayed with the blacksmith for some months, not only recovering but also learning about human affairs. So, when she left, it was not for the forest but for a town she remembered vaguely. To maybe find answers about her foggy clues and visions and news about the odd amulet she was carrying.

Skjald Sejrik


The trip from the Blacksmith went without trouble, and one day she stood at the gates of Gisar, but so much was different than her visions, and she felt an acute memory pressing to surface. As she had lingered for a while at the gate, she stepped forward and felt a gentle hand on her left shoulder. “So, do you finally remember what really happened so many decades ago?” said a beautiful voice. As she turned, she was stunned over the appearance and beauty of the female talking to her; no wonder, as she later learned that it was indeed the Goddess. Ravali. But then it came—the memory that for so long had bubbled beneath her mental vision. Laying in the birthbed, she first gave birth to a boy, but the second one’s twin was reluctant to come; something was wrong. She cursed the late age she had when finally bringing new life to the world, and as hours went by, the boy was placed in the nearby crib.

Then, raiders stormed in and lobbed the head of her husband, slashed the Midwifes, and stabbed both her and her child in the chest with spears. Assuming everyone was dead, they stormed out while torching the house. Alas, all was not dead; she could see Annu Miraxi one of the midwives Aura Colour still flaring, but her boys were no more. And as she felt hers slip, she could feel the girl in her womb had none either; it was to be stillborn.

Suddenly, a tall woman clad in green appeared at her bedside, looking at her with great sorrow. And as she gently took her hand, the green-clad woman uttered some strange words, and two other beautiful people appeared. They looked around, nodded, and were gone again. The lady in green smiled at her, laid a hand on her forehead, and spoke softly while she faded. “Larina, be reborn and become Deepminded of Fogwald again.”.

Then pain struck her; it was as if she were being born while giving birth at the same time. But there was also an odd feeling of being somewhere else alongside her dead children and an odd-looking creature looking deeply into her spirit. Then, with one mighty effort of will, she forced her spirit back from the Halls of the Dead across the Astral and into her unborn daughter, delivered by the effort.

Then the world became a mess as her memories were engulfed in the fogginess of the infant’s mind.

Skjald Vinotis


She once told me that meeting with the Goddess Ravali was a more stunning experience than when she was there in a childbed and the Godess Babusla appeared. Because the clouds lifted and things were not as chaotic, she had plenty of time to cope with the memory flooding. Since then, she has, of course, learned so much more and met as many of the greater powers while tending The Well of Wisdom at the shore of Lake Mirror in Fogwald. She has confided to me, though, that she has never heard of any other Human who has given birth to herself, and she has never been confirmed, but from the reactions by other very wise individuals from other lesser and greater races, even the Gods. She is convinced that she’s unique in that experience.

Skjald Sigurd


In the year 1166, she had travelled most of the Isles when she Oglan met Wrekazi who approached her, showing great interest in the amulet she wore. After talking for a while and both liking each other at first sight, Deepminded said she had no clue where she had it from. So, Wrekazi suggested she go visit The Grey Crevasse where she knew old wise people at times resided due to its Earth-node and strong Astral Site/Gate.

Reaching the crevasse, they were greeted by unexpected personas, as both Kanziganthir and Zizu were there sharing a campfire and meal. greetings shared, they joined in, and all four had a great evening. The next day, when discussing the amulet, Kanziganthir was quite surprised she had it. He thought it might be an ancient relic created at Mt. Vula to lock or open the Well of Wisdom at Kistal in Fogwald. But rumours said that it had been stolen by raiders back in 1128 and thought lost. The well had been impossible to visit ever since, and if this was it…

Hearing those words, Deepminded decided to go back to Fogwald and visit Kistal to see if it was indeed the key to that well. So, in the spring of 1167, she stood at the shores of a lake next to a fisherman, bartering for passage out to the abandoned hamlet Halkistal on the small island of Kistal. Not that keen to go that far out the foggy mirror with its rumoured deep water monsters lurking. The man couldn’t resist the sound and weight of the silver coins in his hand, so they sailed there. At the shore of that small island, she was almost overwhelmed by the energies of the Earth node streaming into her. Far beyond anything she had ever felt before, she even made the heavy pulsing at The Grey Crevasse a vague tickling. She knew she was finally at home; here it was—she was born by herself!

Staggering by the memories flowing through her, she fell to her knees. Finally,  she knew her past and her fate. Deepminded, the ever-born, a blessing or a curse, her choice. Seeing her fall, the fisherman fled the island, but she stayed, and when she had recovered, she started to explore the island.

Skjald Valgrif


Whatever she found… it was poked, pummelling, or smacked…

Within a few days… the age-old mystery was in the sun’s rays…

She found the Well

With roots in Astral & Halls

She unlocked the secrets of mind… and kindness…

And she opened her door… to the fair and squa’r.

Skjald  Kazumix


As the year 1167 faded, the island of Kistal started to shine. She had cleaned up the debris, toppled the shacks that were too unstable to be inhabited, and repaired the few houses and shacks she felt fit her vision for staying here this time. She had an odd feeling walking paths she once laid and working with buildings she began as her mother or grandmother. Feelings she knew she could share with no one but maybe the gods. Luckily, there was still nutrition at Kistal: old apple trees, berry bushes, and digestible roots. But as autumn turned cooler, she began to wonder about surviving winter, when, much to her surprise, Zizu came to visit, along with a massive youngster named Kalmo with mixed human and Kobold parents. Along came also a prince of Junnatu Weavers just to turn 40 and soon to enter his Hordes fathers’ role as King. They brought many interesting news stories about the world, and all were eager to know if that amulet had proven to be the key, as Kanziganthir had suggested.

With a smile at their question and hearty thanks for the provisions they brought along, they were the first persons since 1128—the year of prince Meanbone's birth—to enter the now-opened library ‘The Well of Wisdom’ and also gain access to the Well of Divine Tears from which she allowed them a sip.

It’s said that Zizu and Meanbone left before winter came, but that Kalmo stayed for 2 years. Sort of becoming the first ever to use Halkistal as a refugium for studies and meditation. But when he was about to turn 20, he decided it had to be at home, so he left as well. After that, many a lord, hero, champion, and—it’s said—even gods came and visited Kistal.

Skjald Vinotis


Many had stayed, and it was as if their presence could be felt due to the bonds they made with the earth, making it a secure place to linger. And I had been there, but for a couple of weeks together with Sejrik. Studying some old lore and cross-referring events with the guestbook, Deepminded was doing some Alchemy experiments on some Shards we had brought along. The earth suddenly moaned a deep, large rumble, and we could hear her experiment go awry. Believing it was her doing, we merely started to study again when she came out of the room. Staggering, but without a single scratch or torn dress, we jumped up, asking what was wrong. She stared right at Sejrik, and pouring shards into his hands, she guided Sejrik to the orange door in her eight-colored door  all. Telling him to leave for Ashenhall and shoving the questioning inside, she slammed the door and looked at me. And you, “you take the red door here and go to Academy of Ea“. Pouring some Shards into my hands, she flung open the red door, and I stepped in… to… the Astral.

Skjald El Mary



I later heard that Deepminded went back to Kistal, reopened the sealed places, and is accepting guests again. But also that she is roaming the paths of The Realm ridding it of fell beasts and nasty foes.

Skjald Vinotis



The only human who knows 7 out of all 8 Colours of the Magic Wheel Paths.

Skjald Sigurd


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