Dawn Reborn



  • Finngoll Trollhi



518 TA Finngoll Trollhi

591 Vartu Joisk

669 Albi Muulvis

738 Neibu Wiva

792 Hrot Hratma

869 Gilper Navtar

942 Bovein X'Aul

1011 Mikla Mystvart

1085 Cilvus Cito

1164 Baski Masil

1237 Jolti Cito

1306 Humba Masil

1381 Masool Mystvart

1463 Havaval Cito

1531 Kijes Cito

1595 Lermuril Masil

1667 Kaffar Mystvart

1740 Samra Masil

1799 Kicio Wolli

1868 Erran Masil

1943 Madsil Mystvart

2015 Ellis Willus

2089 Fagi Mystwart

2151 Gha Di Willi

2225 Olbert Mystvart

2297 Kakkulu Roglo

2373 Mannoq Aavato

2444 Gujama Kiito

2518 Balermur Sisil

2587 Majaffar Warstvar

2661 Makmra Wesil

2729 Yakio Tawill

2804 Nodu Uboral

2873 Hakmil Tybylda

2939 Guhadak Re

3007 Toagi Hadala

3083 Nerhus Opolux

3104 Hagadar Rartt

3175 Korsckin Jonckhan

3241 Goeytgen Leenart

3308 Huyge Loy

3356 Cnoep Huybert

3391 Bairnt Griffoen

3458 Theeu Jennin

3497 Bruynplas Petart

3549 Rijcxkin Harbert

3589 Gerrijts Moer

3661 Heyskijn Heinryck

3712 Jorden Scoutijn

3781 Bastyaen Heyns

3799 Lauwerens Calfgen

3863 Boeyen Hayck

3895 Hartgeer Robbrecht

3941 Solin Hansken

3990 Doen Govart

4021 Hert Hairrijck

4096 Reynken Lemmelroy

4154 Boydin Kersgen

4187 Goetgen Reyn

4231 Reyntken Claeis

4268 Bastyanus Gorijs

4299 Giele Boudijn

4332 Robbert Corskin

4390 Rijc Goessel

4447 Gerrit Rijckouts

4478 Bart Goedelt

4521 Wouter Marcus

4594 Sander Mathijs

4650 Thijs Coenraet

4683 Andries Heyngen

4709 Pouwels Rijcke

4762 Claes Roelof

4780 Heindrick Matheeus

4838 Govert Aelbert

4885 Gills Beeck

4943 Jacop Bouden

4976 Gheerijt Peter

4999 Emont Aernt

5038 Rutger Engel

5078 Dirck Gerijt

5133 Lambert Goessen

5190 Gijsbert Heinric

5241 Roel Heynbrecht

5287 Kerstiaen Gobel

5294 Steven Allert

5340 Baernt Aelbrecht

5380 Thomas Genefaes

5411 Beernt Foeck

5480 Lambrecht Dries

5547 Bouwen Zweer

5611 Ot Joost

5676 Adolf Thonis

5699 Lenairt Marcelis

5763 Heyman Daem

5789 Henric Lucas

5855 Allaert Symon

5889 Heynric Fock

5651 Moes Thielman

5702 Robbe Ruggert

5764 Thiel Pelgrin

5797 Floer Foick

5848 Ghijs Florens

5894 Piter Oste

5911 Stans Tymmerot

5974 Govaert Spierinck

6007 Zeger Roelofs

6063 Rijkert Sanders

6105 Heinrick Rijcout

6163 Simoen Florys

6211 Hubert Faen

6269 Ott Heynrick

6328 Korstken Florijs

6379 Clays Coaenraert

6451 Elaut Gelefas

6483 Elrick Vastaert

6539 Diric Tygerman

6589 Ouwels Dammas

6609 Gerolf Coevaert

6670 Airnt Danckaert

6704 Coel Luytgen

6783 Rubbrecht Noys

6807 Joest Geerbrant

6863 Elsken Clement

6906 Heinrich Noyde

6960 Eewout Koen

7012 Johannes Engbrecht

7059 Kalfkin Corijn

7102 Ernst Delis

7167 Kerstgen Steyn

7194 Daneel Goerdt

7231 Ukkave Goltroll

492 FA Zizu Ju Javi



518 TA  founded

4286 Destroyed by a volcano eruption.

492 FA raided by Kinoblin

1281 joined Battle of Weeping Plains


“Now eternal, almost like Draugr, these walk among us.”

Skjald Vinotis



Third Age

In the cold winter of 518 TA
They raised their banners of might…
A mountain cracked and swallowed a man and his house…
Their leader is so furious now that they live again…

Skjald Kazumix


When Mt. Vula erupted, some Gods saw an opportunity to rip open another of our Worlds. Earthnodes, and have world veins spill their molten rock and flaming gases onto the mighty Horde of Dawn Reborn.

Skjald Sejrik


Fourth Age

After their rebirth, they grew to control all of Tornix. Their first defeat, if one could call it that, was when their King Ukkave Goltroll, in 492 FA was ambushed by some Kinoblin, on what the hordes call Strandhogg. How they managed to leave the Human victims lifeless without a single spark of Spirit returning was a surprise to everyone. And it was a question that remained unanswered for almost 800 years.

Skjald El Mary


One of the funny things about The Dawn Reborn… is that they once fought a great battle against Ye Olde Zephyrs… all about a precious mineral mine at Mount Iridi… at the border between Tornix and Usai… a mighty fierce battle for the option to mine… the extremely rare Iridium… used in polishing the divine Shards… into the Crown Gems

One of the rarer major battles Ye Olde Zephyrs ever engaged in… and lost… some say it was due to the distance from their homeland… making reinforcements arrive too late… also, every time a Dawn warrior was felled… the thing merely came aflame and stood reborn again… as if that couldn’t take the stamina out of everyone… and exhaust even the sturdiest of heroes.

If they ever used that, conquered mine… or merely limited others access to the mineral… is unclear to me, but I really wish I’d been there at that battle.

Skjald Kazumix


In 1277–1283, many of their banners were reborn, as they were found, and freed from capture within the Kinoblin Lamps.

Skjald Valgrif



Carved into the rocks in Tornix lies Ashenhall.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



They are still led by their king, Zizu.

Skjald Sigurd



If slain at our world, they reappear.

Skjald Ulrich


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