Law of The Realm

1250 SA 1st Law of The Realm

1254 2nd Law of The Realm

1258 3rd Law of The Realm

1262 4th Law of The Realm

1266 5th Law of The Realm

1270 6th Law of The Realm

1274 7th Law of The Realm


“At first, it was sealed in blood and duels by those eager to uphold their grip over lives. Then, with smiling nods and a gentle swing of pen and seal,”

Skjald Ulrich



Fourth Age

Some say Kanziganthir at a meeting confirmed that the idea behind The Realm, the High King and the Law of the Realm came from Black Oak's father Lauric Svartholtr.
We have not confirmed this, but it seems legit, and it might be the reason Lauric was assassinated, suspectedly by people affiliated with The Torch. Neither Black Oak nor Kanzinganthir has denied nor confirmed this, but the vision seems older than both the Tartu meeting in 1208 and the celebration banquet in 1167 to mark the Clovincaz settlement of Khanza Azul 1000 years of existence. And man, that’s a long time; that makes me hungry, so let’s order some food.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard


Built on the Law of Hordes, a document created by Lauric was unfolded at the banquet. At that meeting, several Nobility aired opinions and suggestions towards common and more just laws for all to follow. These were the first of the growing Law of the Realm. It has since been rewritten according to further discussions and agreements and has been signed by many since 1167.

Nobility from the 1st Alliance has confirmed that discussions took place after their victory in 1249. On the table lay the grand document, the very first ‘Law’ for all to read and sign. As most knew it already, it was the result of many years of discussions and compromises. Some date back hundreds of years, and it was Kanziganthir, the oldest of all mortals, who managed its content. It was signed and sealed by many houses and banners. To mark the victory of the 1st Alliance and the coming of the realm.

When Grimsborg was sacked, the law was caught in the flames. Then and there, Benter von Hyttig, a Human working at the royal hall, as a carpenter. Secretly one of Bergons Borgians. I saw it catch fire and dodged the raiding Anurai he was facing. Grabbing the tome and the belt of the Anurai lord, he jumped out of the window. Smacking the screaming Anurai in the face with the burning tome to extinguish the flames, they tumbled down onto the cobblestones.

For saving the tome and killing an Anurai lord, he was posthumously knighted after the invasion.

Skjald El Mary


1250, 1st Law of the Realm

1st Fair of the Realm at Grimsborg, held by the High King.

1254, 2nd Law of the Realm

2nd Fair of the Realm at Ashenhall held by Dawn Reborn.

1258, 3rd Law of the Realm

3rd Fair of the Realm at Free City of Muldum held by Bulls Order.

1262, 4th Law of the Realm

4th Fair of the Realm at Meerkhat held by Fur Oracles

1266, 5th Law of the Realm

5th Fair of the Realm at Island of Piecao held by Lionel.

1270, 6th Law of the Realm

6th Fair of the Realm at Grindaa held by Ye Olde Zephyrs.

1274, 7th Law of the Realm

7th Fair of the Realm at Junnatu Caves held by Junnatu Weavers

Skjald Sejrik


Some say Black Oak’s retirement was well timed, as his previous championing of who should conduct the fairs had spawned rising whispers. I’m not certain this is true, but he could have kept the title back when he resigned, and he for sure has been vigorous and active since, so there might have been more to the stepping down than was published. His successor, well, both of them, surely was not capable of keeping The Realm thriving. And we need more ale for this dish of pleaseantries.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Every leap year, Nobility, Hordes, Organisation, Guilds and many more meet to discuss the state of The Realm and rulings made since the last meeting. Concluding on these discussions, the Council of Colours phrase the words for a rewriting of the Law of the Realm. To be signed and sealed by all attending leaders.

Skjald Sejrik



Invader came… Law of the Realm…  aflame…

Skjald Kazumix

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