Into the sea, its foundation sank, but forever, in the mists in between, it now lingers.

Skjald Vinotis



First Age

In the Astral, nestled on the island of Ljostari, a magnificent city stood proud, defying both gravity and the forces of nature. This Ljost Alfar city, named Ljostalia, is a marvel to behold, with grand spires reaching towards the sky and narrow streets winding their way upwards into the very heart of the volcano that cradled the city.

Skjald El Mary


Fourth Age

A thousand years ago, an unfathomable catastrophe struck Ljostari, causing the island to sink beneath the waves. Yet, the magic woven into the very essence of Ljostalia proved resilient. The city, along with its volcanic abode, was preserved in a suspended state, trapped between the tangible and the astral. As the island sank, the magic enveloping Ljostalia created a protective barrier, allowing it to endure beneath the waves.

The city was a breathtaking tapestry of Ljost Alfar craftsmanship and mystic enchantments. The spires gleamed with a radiant light, reflecting the wisdom and elegance of the Alfar architects. The narrow streets, carved into the volcanic rock, formed a labyrinth that seemed to defy conventional geometry, leading residents and visitors alike through a mesmerising journey upwards.

At the foot of Ljostalia’s majestic heights lies the astral harbor. Piercing the astral waters with grace, a handful of elf, human, and mystic ships always moored at its ancient piers. The harbour was a meeting place for the diverse races dwelling in harmony within Ljostalia. The Alfar ships sailed with the grace of the wind; human vessels were sturdy and pragmatic, while the mystic ships emanated an otherworldly aura, their sails adorned with symbols of forgotten realms and creatures like Abyssal Kraken.

The inhabitants of Ljostalia, mostly Ljost Alfar, but also Dwarves from within the mountain, or drawn from various Races and realms, coexisted in a harmonious balance. The Alfar, with their timeless wisdom, served as the guardians of knowledge and magic. Humans, curious and resourceful, found a home within the city’s walls, while mystics from distant places brought their arcane arts to enrich the cultural tapestry of Ljostalia.

The volcano, now half-submerged in the astral sea, emits a perpetual glow, casting an enchanting radiance across the city. The lava within, held in check by ancient spells, pulses with a rhythmic energy, in accordance with the stream from above, connecting Ljostalia to the very heartbeat of the astral realm.

As the city lingeres between dimensions, Ljostalia became a beacon of unity, a testament to the enduring power of magic and the resilience of the work of those who called it home. The grand spires and narrow streets reached not only towards the heavens but bridged the gap between the tangible and the astral, creating a haven where time seemed to stand still and the wonders of Ljostalia unfolded in perpetual splendour.

Skjald Ulrich



It’s on the shore of Mt. Vula.

Skjald Valgrif



Owned by none as all the Ljost Alfar residing back then died, so now it is merely lodging for the visitors to Mt. Vula and its Lava Imp servants.

Skjald El Mary



Form a stepstone between the Astral and Mt. Vula.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard

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