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She seeked the state of no limits, yet both Carcass and Spirit had a face.

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



Vorenthia Yelania, as an apprentice, was an ambitious Mana Manipulator driven by a desire to push the boundaries of magical understanding. However, she faced personal challenges as her own body struggled to handle the vast amounts of mana she sought to manipulate. These struggles led to periods of exhaustion, illness, and even temporary warping of her physical form in her time as a novice.

During her travels and studies as a journeyman, she observed other mana manipulators facing similar challenges. Some excelled in certain aspects of magic but faltered when it came to sustaining their efforts over time or managing large bursts of mana. These observations fueled her curiosity about the limits of the human form in relation to mana manipulation.

Her studies developed, as she reached the chief level, into a profound connection with the Mana Sea. Through meditation and communion with the magical energies, when handweavingHand Weaving, she began to sense a harmony between the Mana Sea and her physical form. It was during these moments of communion that the idea of ‘Mana Carcass’ first began to take shape in her mind.

So she embarked on daring expeditions to North-Wall Teeth in Findon, where the magical energies were particularly intense and untamed. These journeys provided her with crucial insights into the delicate balance required to withstand and control the raw power of the Mana Sea.

Through a combination of personal introspection, observations of others, and communion with the Mana Sea, Vorenthia, as a master, developed a set of techniques and practices to harmonise the caster’s body with Mana. This involved understanding the interplay between Empathy, Strength, and Intuition—the key components of what she would later term ‘Mana Carcass.’

Master Vorenthia, as a respected mentor in the ancient City of Eldranth, shared her theories with her apprentices and anyone travelling by. The concept of ‘Mana Carcass’ became a focal point in their training, guiding them to strengthen their bodies, understand the nuances of Mana manipulation, and push the boundaries of their magical prowess.

The city buzzed with anticipation as Master Vorenthia, inventor of the concept of ‘Mana Carcass.’, was announced lord. A hushed murmur swept through the apprentices—many were intrigued, others skeptical. In essence, Lord Vorenthia’s discovery of Mana Carcass was a journey of self-discovery, empathy for others facing similar challenges, and a deep communion with the magical forces of the Mana Sea. Had evolved into a renewed school of the arts. Her innovative thinking and willingness to explore the uncharted realms of magical theory left an indelible mark on the world of mana manipulators.

Skjald Valgrif



Mana Mastery refers to a mana manipulator’s ability to regulate the vibrancy and sustain the duration of Path Spells without interruption. It’s about achieving a delicate equilibrium, maintaining the magical flow over an extended period, and preventing the dissipation or uncontrollable surge of Mana.

Empathy in Mana Mastery allows the caster to attune to the ebb and flow of mana, ensuring a seamless connection between themselves and the magical energies they wield. This sensitivity aids in maintaining a consistent flow.

Intuition complements mana mastery by allowing the mana manipulator to anticipate shifts in the magical currents. A high level of intuition ensures that the caster can adapt and adjust their magical output in response to changing circumstances.

Presence contributes to mana mastery by instilling a sense of authority over the magical forces at play. A mana manipulator with a commanding presence can guide and sustain the magical energies with confidence, preventing disruptions.

These three aspects—Mana Carcass, Mana Burst, and Mana Mastery—form a holistic framework for the Mana Manipulator, encompassing physical resilience, precise control, and the ability to sustain magical efforts over time. Achieving mastery in all three areas makes for a formidable and versatile spellcaster.

Skjald El Mary



Do not carelessly burst into the wild or overcast too much, as your very health and spirit might be consumed.

Skjald Sejrik


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