• Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Artist
  • Craftsman
  • Entertainer
  • Government
  • Medicine
  • Merchant
  • Military
  • Religion
  • Sailor
  • Scholar
  • Service Industry


“It’s worth noting that having a job is not strictly necessary for some. You needed some sort of income, but it don’t mean you have to work at a single profession. Nobility can often get away with just owning land to provide for them.”

Skjald Valgrif



Common folk might have a few jobs and switch between them as demand comes up. The traveling life for a person skilled in one or more profession is also quite common for Journeymen and up, going where the jobs are and living lightly as a result.

On the other hand, some Kingdoms have established a system of Guilds basically having monopoly by decree which make certain tasks illegal unless you work for/with a particular Guild who owns the contract. Some skilled professionals have ended their days in deep dungeons or gallows forgetting to a make a inquiries before setting up shops or taking on a task in a new town.

Skjald El Mary



Its worth noting that one can have several crafts and be differently skilled in each.

Apprentice (I)

Skill from 1 up to 125.

Novice (II)

Skill from 125 up to 250.

Journeyman (III)

Skill from 250 up to 375.

Chief (IV)

Skill from 375 up to 500.

Master (V)

Skill from 500 up to 625.

Lord (VI)

Skill from 625 up to 750.

Overlord (VII)

Skill from 750 up to 875.

Grand lord (VII)

Skill from 876 up to 1000.


Those who think themselves skilled often call themselves one of the below titles:

Farmer: ackerman, cowherd, crofter, dairymaid, dung carter, farmer, freibauer, gardener, goatherd, hawker, hayward, herder, horse trainer, ostler, peasant, plowman, reaper, serf, sheepshearer, shepherd, swineherd, thresher, tillerman, vintner, woodcutter, woolcomber, woolman.

Hunter: climmer, falconer, fewterer, forester, fowler, gamekeeper, hawker, hunter, huntsman, master of hounds, molecatcher, parker, rat catcher, sperviter, trapper.

Fisherman: fisher, leech-collector, oyster raker, oysterer, seaweed harvester.

Artist: Artist, artisan, artist’s model, fresco painter, glasspainter, illuminator, limner, painter, sculptor, composer,  playwright, poet, writer.

Crafter-Misc: furrier, tailor, jeweler, pastrycook, mason, carpenter, weaver, chandler, cooper, baker,  hatmaker, saddler, chicken butcher, purse maker, meat butcher, buckle maker, roofer, locksmith, ropemaker, rugmaker, harness maker, bleacher, cutler, glover, accoutrement aker, alabasterer, architect, arkwright, Artisan, Baker, balancemaker, basketmaker, beekeeper, beerbrewer, bellfounder, bellmaker, besom maker, billier, bleacher, blockcutter, bodger, bog iron hunter, bonecarver, bookbinder, bookprinter, brazier (occupation), brewer, bricker, bricklayer, broderer, broom-dasher, brushbinder, builder, Butcher, buttonmaker, cabinetmaker, Calligrapher, campaner, canvasser, carder, cardmaker, Carpenter, Cartographer, cartwright, chainmaker, chandler, charcoalburner, cheesemaker, chicken butcher, clockmaker, clothier, coiner, combmaker, compasssmith, confectioner, Cooper, corsetier, cutler, delver, diamantaire, disher, draper, drycooper, drywaller, dyer, embroiderer, engraver, fabricshearer, feltmaker, fewtrer, fuller, furniture maker, furrier, gemcutter, gilder, glassblower, glazier, glover, gravedigger, grinder (occupation), Guild Master, hacker, harness maker, hatmaker, hatter, horner, ivorist, Jeweler, joiner, knacker, knapper, lacemaker, lampwright, lanternmaker, lapidary, latoner, leadworker, limeburner, limner, linen-armorer, linener, linenspinner, lutemaker, luthier, mailer, mapmaker, marler, marleywoman, Mason, master builder, meat butcher, Miller, milliner, miner, miniaturist, minter, mintmaster, moneyer, mirrorer, nailmaker, nedeller, netmaker, oilmaker, papermaker, parchmenter, pasteler, pattenmaker, Perfumer, pewterer, physician, pinmaker, plasterer, plattner, plumber, pointer, pot mender, potter, printer, purser, purse maker, quarryman, quilter, rectifier, reedmaker, roofer, roper, ropemaker, rugmaker, rugweaver, sailmaker, saltboiler, salter, sawyer, seamstress, shingler, shipwright, siever, silkmaid, silk-dresser, silk-maker, silk-mercer, silk-dyer, silk-carder, Spinner/spinster, stonecarver, stonecutter, Stonemason, tailor, tallowchandler, tapestrymaker, tapicer, tasseler, tenter, thacker, threadmaker, tile-burner, tile-theeker, tile maker, treen maker, turner, typefounder, upholder, vintner, waxchandler, Weaver, webber, wheeler, wheelwright, wiredrawer, woodcarver, woodcutter, woodturner

Crafter-leather: bottelier, cobbler, cordwainer, currier, girdler, lorimer, malemaker, saddler, scabbard maker, shoemaker, tanner, thonger, vaginarius

Crafter-Armour: armorsmith, bowyer, grinder, linen-armorer, mailmaker, merchant taylor, poleturner, scythesmith, stringer, vaginarius

Crafter-Weapon: arrowsmith, bladesmith, fletcher, gunsmith, gunstocker, knifesmith, lancier, swordsmith,

Crafter-Smith: Blacksmith, blacksmith’s striker, brightsmith, bronzefounder, buckle maker, coppersmith, farrier, foundryman, goldbeater, locksmith, redsmith, scythesmith, silversmith, smelter, smith, spooner, spurrer, tinker, tinsmith

Entertainer: Bard, fiddler, harper, jongleur, lutenist, Meistersinger, minnesinger, Minstrel, Musician, nakerer, piper, Singer, Actor, Bard, barker, bear-ward, Dancer, fool, Jester, Juggler, mummer, player actor), playwright, Poet, Skald, Storyteller, Trobairitz, Troubadour, tumbler

Government: Ale-Conner, Bailiff, Captain of the Guard, Castellan, Catchpole, Chamberlain, Chancellor, Chancery Clerk, Cofferer, Coin-Stamper, Constable, Diplomat, Emperor, Exchequer, Hayward, Herald, Jailer, Judge, Keeper of the Privy Seal, Keeper of the Rolls, Keeper of the Wardrobe, King, Knight, Lady, Landed Gentry, landlord, Liner, Lord High Steward, marshal, Master of the Revels, Pinder, Noble, Nobleman, Prince, Pursuivant, Reeve, Seneschal, Sheriff, Steward, Summoner (law), Tax Collector, Toll Keeper, Town Crier, Treasurer, Watchman, Woodward

Nobility: Emperor/Empress, King/Queen, Archduke/Archduchess, Prince/Princess, Marquess, Count/Countess, Viscount/Viscountess, Baron/Baroness, Baronet/Baronetess, Knight/Dame, Esquire

Medicine: alchemist, apothecary, chirurgeon, cunning man, doctor, leech, leech-collector, midwife, nurse, sawbones, surgeon, toad doctor, wise woman,

Merchant:  acater, alewife, apothecary, banker, beer seller, bog iron hunter, boothman, chapman, collier, colporteur, costermonger, drover, eggler, fishmonger, fruiterer, fruitier, fueller, glass seller, greengrocer, grocer, Guild Master, harberdasher, hay merchant, hetheleder, innkeeper, ironmonger, lighterman, linen-draper, mercer, milkmaid, oil merchant, old-clothes dealer, oynter, peddler, pie seller, plumer, poulter, ragpicker, shrimper, skinner, spice merchant, spicer, stationer, taverner, thresher, unguentary, waferer, waterseller, weirkeeper, wine seller, wood seller, woodmonger, wool stapler

Military: Arbalestier, Archer, Argolet, Bodyguard, Bowman, Captain, Captain of the Guard, Crossbowman, Drummer, Guardsman, Halberdier, Knifeman, Knight, Mercenary, Militia, Pikeman, Scout, Sergeant, Sergeant-at-arms, Spearman, Spy, Squire, Viking, Watchman, Cannoneer, Pioneer (siege), Sapper, Siege Engineer
Admiral, Captain, Captain of the Guard, Castellan, Marshal, Armorer, Bowyer, Camp Cook, Camp Follower, Cartwright, Fletcher, lancier, linen-armorer, knifesmith, Mercenary, merchant taylor, Pioneer (siege), poleturner, Prostitute, Sapper, Scout, Siege Engineer, smith, Spy, vaginarius, Weaponsmith

Religious: abbess, abbot, almoner, anchorite, archbishop, beadle, beguine, bishop, canon, cantor, cardinal, cathar perfect, chantry priest, chaplain, clark, clerk, colporteur, curate, friar, hermit , metropolitan bishop, monk, nun, ostiary, palmer, pardoner, parish priest, pilgrim, pope, priest, primate religion), sacristan, sexton, summoner (law), Theologian

sailor: bargeman, boatman, boatwright, canaller, ferryman, hobbler, lighter man, mariner, navigator, riverboat pilot, sail maker, sailor, sea captain, ship’s captain, shipchandler, ship provisioner, shipwright, waterman

Scholar: alchemist, amanuensis, apothecary, astrologer, chirurgeon, bearleader, calligrapher, cartographer, courtesan, courtier, dean, herald, herbalist, librarian, mathematician, poet, philosopher, professor, quack, scribe, scrivener, tutor, theologian

Service: maidservant, barber, restaurateur, water carrier, laundress, porter, doctor, bather, copyist, accomptant, accoucheur, accoucheus, accountant, actuary, amanuensis, attendent, bagger, bailiff, barrister, bartender, bath attendent, bather , Bodyguard, bodyservant, butler, camp cook, camp follower, carman, carter, cartier, carver, castellan, ceiler, cellarer, chamberlain, chimney sweep, chirurgeon, clouter, coistsell, cook, copyist, courtesan, courtier, cowherd, currier, dairymaid, dapifer, ditcher, diver, doctor, dog trainer, drayman, dresser, dung carter, executioner, famulus, farrier, ferryman, fortune teller, gardner, gong farmer, groom, guide, harlot, herald, horseleech, hurdle maker, innkeeper, lady’s maid, laundress, lawyer, leech, legerdemainist, link boy, link man, maid, maidservant, messenger, midwife, miller, napier, nurse, panter, paperer (needlemaking), pavior, pavyler, poet, porter, potboy, privycleaner, procurator, prostitute, quartermaster, rag and bone man, raker, rat catcher, restaurateur, riveter, royal food taster, sawbones, scribe, scullion, scullery maid, seneschal, serf, servant, smelter, solicitor, sperviter, stablehand, stabler, stainer, steward, stillroom, surgeon, tapster, teamster, toad doctor, treadmill worker, trencherman, userer, valet, wagoner, waller, water carrier, wattler, weeper, wetnurse, whipping boy

Skjald Sigurd

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