1155 SA Ulrich joins

1198 Vinotis joins

1228 Sho Sahanna dies

1228 El Mary joins

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1238 Kazumix joins

1262 Valgrif joins

1272 Huginn retires

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1276 Citrine leaves


“Some librarians and sages claim the Skjalds are not the oldest of organizations, but who cares about age of ones organization. What matters is it’s importance for the world and in that I think the Skjalds are one of, if not the foremost of value to our entire existence.”

Skjald Yell'a'Beard



The Skjalds origin are unrecorded, but we know there was oral information being passed on long before we started making entries at our Library of Wisdom. One of the Human that maybe could shed some light on this, is Kanziganthir which I have tried to meet and discuss this with since before The Great Invasion.

Sho Sahanna and Huginn where two of the Skjalds that we can thank for our current status as the grandest Chroniclers amongst Humans.

Skjald Sejrik


As such we all listen to everything and try to share it all with each other, but I must admit that there some sort of branches evolving in our ranks.

The Skjalds of the Coloured Circle has two arms of the organization: The travelling Skjalds led by the Eight Greater Ones, and the administration maintaining our now hidden library.

Gathering, are those preferring or with a talent for traveling all over and remembering eavesdropping as one walks by people talking.

Confirmation, are those with a fondness of sitting at our library plowing through hundreds of annals or travelling out to locations and people to confirm entries.

Telling, those who find great joy in acting for the crowds performing our tales, or those with great insight in state matters and who are good at staying neutral when uttering old facts.

Skjald Sigurd



They never bend what they see or hear, and they always discuss whats been learned.

Skjald El Mary

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