Cleansing Crusade


1281 FA Cleansing Oath

1281 Cleansing Crusade


“Victorious, they stood… at their own hood… masters for good…

Not it was time… horns to chime… and punish their crime.”

Skjald Kazumix



The Great Invasion ended at the epic Battle of Weeping Plains where the High King and the 2nd Alliance saved The Realm.

After the victory, the 2nd Alliance dissolved and most went to their own, but Timberwolf and a few others initiated that a core of seven hundred and seventy-seven banners led by the High King Black Oak swore the Cleansing Oath thus launching the Cleansing Crusade on July 2, 1281.

It was a swift and merciless crusade sweeping The Realm, with more and more banners swearing to the Cleansing Oath. Eventually, as there were literally no foes encountered, it ended on December 31, 1283. With it also came what was known as the Fourth Age, and the Fifth Age began.

Skjald Valgrif

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